‘The Happiest Balloon on Earth’ Flies for Record-Breaking Crowd at Leon International Balloon Festival

Hola from León, Mexico, and the 11th annual León International Balloon Festival! The four-day event, from November 16-19, was filled with great music, lots of fantastic food, Mickey Mouse, my favorite balloon – “The Happiest Balloon on Earth” – and around two hundred other hot air balloons. Our friend Mickey Mouse was there on opening day to help kick off this wonderful event, which broke previous attendance records with 350,000 spectators – and that’s not counting the tens of thousands that watched from outside the Festival grounds over the four days. Personally, I think the record-breaking crowd had something to do with a Mouse and “The Happiest Balloon on Earth.” Read more about “The Happiest Balloon on Earth” at the León International Balloon Festival in this post.