Mother’s Day Tips From The Walt Disney World Moms Panel

Jean Volante: What do moms want for Mother’s Day?

Stacy Cacciatore: There is only one thing that I want on Mother’s Day, to spend time with my family. Every mother would love to not only be at the most magical place on earth on Mother’s Day making memories, but also celebrate the special day with (her) family and know that (her) family was thinking of (her) and pre-planned a special gift.

Jean: Speaking of memories, how would this gift be a memory-making experience for mom and her family?

Stacy: This gift is more than a tote – it sets the stage for a memory. You can have the tote and apron embroidered with her name as a way to personalize the gift for her. And with the memory making tips offered on the Mother’s Day card, she can choose from a variety of free memory making experiences that our Mom’s Panelists have recommended to enjoy with loved ones in the parks.

Jean: As a mom, what part of this gift did you like?

Stacy: Well, there’s no better place in the world to spend Mother’s Day than at Walt Disney World Resort. Receiving a gift like this would make the occasion even sweeter. One of my favorite things in the world is cooking – especially making treats for my family – so the idea of getting Mickey’s favorite cookie recipe is especially charming. I would be touched that my kids (and hubby) chose a gift that truly reflects everything I love. Also, it’s great gift for Mom to enjoy both while at Walt Disney World Resort and at home.

Well, there you have it. Now you hold the secret to making mom happy for Mother’s Day – spend time with her, create a memory and if possible, do so with a gift she can enjoy with family.

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