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Announcement: “Toy Story –The Musical” Coming to Disney’s California Adventure Park Early 2011

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Toy Story –The Musical
If you love musicals as much as I do, then you’re going to be thrilled with today’s news.

“Toy Story – The Musical” will take over Hyperion Theatre in Disney’s California Adventure park in early 2011.

The characters and playful plot from the original Disney•Pixar film, Toy Story, will come to life before your eyes in this dazzling, musical stage spectacular where you’ll be treated to a unique “toys’ eye view” of life in Andy’s room. The stage show will feature larger-than-life set design, new songs, vivid projected backgrounds and elaborate costumes.

The 50-minute musical will preserve the humor and heart of the original film and will explore the true meaning of friendship as Buzz Lightyear and Woody transform from jealous adversaries to best friends with an unbreakable bond.

To make way for this exciting addition to Disney’s California Adventure park, “Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular” will close August 15, 2010. If you’re visiting the Disneyland Resort this holiday season, don’t miss your chance to catch this great show.

“Toy Story – The Musical” is just the latest announcement of a line-up of great attractions and experiences coming to Disney’s California Adventure. To find out about all the new things coming to the park, check out DisneysCaliforniaAdventure.com.

What do you think? Are you excited about “Toy Story – The Musical?”


  • I agree it would be nice to have something other than Toy Story, and to a lesser degree something other than Pixar, but it will be great to see how they top some of the technical elements in a new show.

  • YES, finally something new! Toy Story is one that will go down as a classic, and I can’t wait to see the musical. Aladdin has had it’s time.

  • I’m heartbroken by this one. I think the Aladdin show is the best Disney show I have ever seen in one of the parks. It is broadway quality. What a huge loss. Toy Story already has multiple rides between WDW and DL, a huge presence in parades (especially Block party bash) and is well represented in the parks. The music from the Aladdin movie is much better suited to a Broadway show than the toy story music. The characters are actually supposed to sing in Aladdin- Buzz and Woody aren’t. Aladdin is already underutilized. This is just horrible. I got a pin code this morning for WDW and was about to book a trip for a week this spring, but now I’m going to forego that and spend a couple of days at DL/CA instead so that my daughter will be able to see this show before it is gone. As far as those who are hopeful Aladdin will be moved to WDW. I can not think of any venue in WDW which could house and support the Aladdin show with its flying carpet etc.

  • I am sad. I truly enjoy Aladdin every time I see it. I think something new and fresh like the DCL is getting would be way better than recycling a show to save money. I like Toy Story, but how about doing a show based on the 3rd movie instead of the first one? Since it is for sure on it’s way, I hope when it comes to DCA it is fresh and different and has had the effort and money put into making it a top notch production that keeps bringing in the people to see it more than once. Come on Disney you CAN do better. In all truthfulness something new and different would be best, not more Pixar. I am sure we will see it, ONCE.

  • Toy Story is great, but I’m a little disappointed that out of every Disney Story out there that would be fantastic on stage… this is what was chosen. After Aladdin, there is a lot to live up to. Peter Pan or Beauty and the Beast… something along those lines would have gotten me much more excited. I’m sure I’ll change my mind after we see it, though.

  • I am very surprised that they are taking away aladdin. That show is AMAZING and I honestly don’ think that people would want to see a toy story musical even though its a great movie I don’t think it will do well.

  • Wow, I will be sad to see Aladdin go as well, I was hoping it would be replaced by Beauty and the Beast. In reading some commemts I agree, is this going to be a Pixar Park? A Bugs Life is way too boring, the Cars area coming? Come on Imagineers, really?

  • I am really, really, really saddened at this news. I love the Aladdin show. I agree with many of you who said it will be hard to replace. No matter how many times I’ve seen it, which is a lot it is always kept fresh because of the Genie. I will sorely miss it. I’ve never seen another Disney stage production at the parks that I’ve enjoyed as much.

    I like the Toy Story movies but I can’t see it as a viable replacement. Many of you hit the nail on the head when you pointed out that there are already enough Toy Story themed attractions at the parks. Do we really need another? Disney apparently thinks so.

    I’m amazed that out of their entire Disney Vault we keep getting inundated with Toy Story stuff. I’m not sinking this ship yet. I will give it a try, go see it, then make a critic’s decision from there.

  • AHHHH!!!! Like many comments before me, I feel compelled to write that I’m absolutely CRUSHED that they are taking away Aladdin…. it has become a family favorite, a “must-see” each time we visit the park! For some in my family, it is THE best thing about DCA! This show holds such high sentimental value for me that it kills me to know there’s no way my family and I could return to see Aladdin before it closes…. *sniffle*

    Also, I agree there are enough Toy Story attractions as it is (I do love Toy Story Mania and Astro Blasters!)…. so why not do something that fits better into the glamorous Hollywood Backlot theme? It’s hard to imagine anything show-stoppingly spectacular about Toy Story (a movie that is one of my least favorite of the Disney films), especially when it will be following (and as mentioned earlier, be inevitably compared to) a stage adaptation of a film from the Golden Age of Disney.

    Lastly, I would like to point out that the Golden Horseshoe Saloon did have a Toy Story themed production (Woody’s Round-Up), which was a pretty cute show, but did not last very long. I respectfully wonder: what makes Disney feel like this time will be different?

    Clearly, my expectations for this new show are extremely low and I can’t say that I would want to see it, but make no mistake, I would be thrilled to be wrong! If I’m not, I beg the Disney powers that be to reconsider this decision!!!!

  • I agree that Aladdin should go to Disney World. It’s a top quality theme park entertainment piece and would be a great fit at any of the Florida Parks. I would assume most Florida guests haven’t seen it and would hate to lose it.

    And, I love the idea someone mentioned above about bringing back Hunchback — to any park East or West. That show at the old Disney-MGM Studios is what made me a Disney fan 12 years ago.

  • oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I am SO SAD! ALADDIN is my favorite attraction in all of Disneyland and California Adventure COMBINED!! Please don’t take it away!

  • Why anyone would keep pushing a production of the original Toy Story when the THIRD Toy Story is about to be released is beyond me.
    Where is the big, flashy, dance-filled revue? Aladdin leaves a lot to be desired in terms of its direction and dialogue, but the sets and lighting designs make great use of the state-of-the-art theater.
    That being said, I’m curious to see what is expanded or redesigned from the DCL production — certainly the gigantic Hyperion Theater shouldn’t have a production full of projected backdrops. I’m sure the final product will be a quality piece of entertainment and will please crowds just as Aladdin has done for (far too many) years, but why do we keep reverting back to Toy Story???
    If we’re gonna adapt an existing show, then why not take inspiration from One Man’s Dream II or any of the big revue-style shows in Japan? There’s a lot of singing, dancing, and energy — the last two of which are sorely lacking in Aladdin, and would probably be lacking in a Toy Story show too.

  • Nooo!! Please don’t take away Aladdin! It is my absolute favorite!!!!

  • What do you think? Are you excited about “Toy Story – The Musical?”

    Am I excited? NO
    Seeing how we only get to California once every three years or so wew will not be able to see this show again!!! I am extremely dissapointed with this decision.

    Instead of having something else to do with Toy Story how about bringing back a great show of Hunchback from the Florida parks.

  • Toy Story will probably be a good show, but Aladdin was a GREAT show – it was a huge selling point in making a new trip to Disneyland. I can’t help feeling that the change will probably reduce the amount of money that I will spend on Disney.

  • No thank you.

  • I am upset! We are planning our first trip to Disneyland at the end of August – I will miss the Aladdin show by 10 days!!!
    Hopefully, Aladdin will be held over for a couple more weeks.
    By the way, we saw Toy Story on the Wonder in 2008 and it was a great show.

  • Unfortunately, Toy Story the Musical is going to be judged against the Aladdin show. The only way to soften this blow is to bring Aladdin the Musical elsewhere – hopefully to Walt Disney World. Although it’s already very show heavy, It would be a great fit for Hollywood Studios.

  • I have seen the Aladdin show several times & I enjoy it every single time. It is simply breathtaking, fresh, & new…every time. I will be sad to see it go; however, I know Disney, & I believe that an amazing job will be done before presenting a new show at the Hyperion Theatre. I am never disappointed when something new comes out whether it’s an attraction or show…I know I’ll be thrilled! 🙂 You always know what to do to keep our family coming back year after year!

  • Honestly, I don’t think this is a good replacement, plus why even more toy story? Can’t we get something different (preferably NOT Pixar)?

    Also Finding Nemo is not very good in my opinion, the music was good, but the production wasn’t.

  • I agree with a lot of people before me here that this isn’t really good news. “Aladdin” is a wonderful show, even without the Genie. The Genie, however, makes the show all the better. It really is never the same show twice – you never know what he’ll say. “Toy Story” on the Disney Wonder is a good show, too (but not DCL’s best show). However, it should remain exclusive to DCL. Especially with the Disney Wonder moving to the West in 2011, it doesn’t seem right to have the show playing in two places. And yes, I think that there’s already enough Toy Story attractions. I loved the first two films and I’m excited about the third, but there’s no point in overdoing it. We saw the “Aladdin” show three times during our trip in June – I would probably see “Toy Story” just once at California Adventure. Of course, if the “Aladdin” show is moved somewhere, I’ll follow it!

  • Why get rid of an already good and popular show? I love the Aladdin show and the park is already over killed with Toy story, and Tinkerbell as is.

  • i love alladin but also glad to see it go after all these years. I am just dissapointed that with so many properties that Disney owns and could be turned into musical they have to continue to over saturate the parks with the same movie over and over. Why not a musical that is not based on a specific movie or if it has to be a movie why not one of the older classics that do not have attractions

  • Whatever happened to original ideas? Why aren’t we demanding new content? Whatever happen to taking something no one would think of and using or presenting something new with it?

    In Toy Story, the characters are already strong and compelling and not much is needed to help strengthen them or tell their inner emotions. Both Buzz and Woody, while having good character development don’t really grow or change that much. Buzz more than Woody but Woody doesn’t really change much as he is still just as stubborn in the 2nd movie. This is just further pointed out by the music in the Toy Story musical cause they just comment on the themes already established by the character. No new ground, perspective or story is gained by the Music. There are maybe one or two songs that really strengthen the inner emotions of the characters in the show (Woody mostly in his song about “One Toy“) but they aren’t terribly memorable. Also, the settings and characters don’t lend themselves well to the confines of the stage.

    Why not develop a new show like they did with Cinderella when they created Twice Charmed? They introduced a new story that continued to strengthen the Characters from the movie. You can’t deny that Cinderella isn’t stronger at the end of the show after watching her stand up to Lady Tramaine or that prince charming isn’t truly in love after watching him search for his true love and seeing past the rags to the princess he danced with at the ball.

    I’m all for creating new memorable experiences that tell a different side of the story. Not ones that take a story we already know, strip out about an 30-40 min of character development and plot only to tell a story we already know and tell it in a way that lessens the characters and story. That’s why I’m excited to be rid of Aladdin in August of 2010 but I’m sad to see Toy Story in early 2011. What have we really gained or improved?

  • YAY!!! oh gosh, this is some of the greatest news to me – when i went to D23 i saw the two people from GrooveLily who wrote the music for this show and now im glad i get to see it!!

  • I’m really sick of Disney making all these rides and shows based off of Pixar movies, instead of using their brains and designing rides that are original, and not rides that are based off Pixar movies.

    It’s really annoying.

  • I wonder if they will delete my posting: I didn’t like the Toy Story musical on DCL Wonder. It dragged on the talkative parts of the movie and skipped all the action sequences. I rather they import Finding Nemo Musical from Animal Kingdom, I enjoyed that one mch better.

  • I trust Disney to make a great show for us. Aladdin is great and I will be sad to see it go, but it really is time for some new entertainment.

  • Wow! That makes me kinda sad. I think Aladdin is a great show and would hate to see it go. Though, change is sometimes good, i agree with some of the comments in that it feels like Pixar is taking over California Adventure theme park. To me its a big NO in making this decision.

  • As fresh as it’d be to have a THRID toy story attraction, why didn’t anyone consider putting the FINDING NEMO musical from the animal kingdom to replace Aladdin? If anyone has seen it they know that it’s AMAZING, crush is just as captivating as the genie, and would perhaps even compensate for nemo’s not so fantastic submarine voyage. However, I’m excited for Toy Story and will still be at disneyland at least twice a year 😀

  • I’ve seen the show on the cruise ship. It’s great. You can see a few pictures from it here

  • Love your Aladdin show. It was the only place we could enjoy the song “To Be Free” since the movie and soundtrack didn’t use the song.

  • Will this be a major budget show like the one it is replacing or more on the lines of the budget cutting “Celebrate” street party at Disneyland which replaced a major budget parade? Just curious.

  • I sincerely hope that Aladdin will find another home somewhere else….. even if it’s all the way in Disney World. It was definitely the best musical in any Disney Theme Park…. and as much as I love toy story, I don’t think this show is a worthy replacement.
    Then again, nothing could be for Aladdin!

  • I will be very sad to lose Aladdin. I watched it every visit. If this is the same show from the cruise line then it will be a one time view for me.

  • I can’t wait to see it. The people at Disney know how to put together a great show. I’m sure it will be just as wonderful as Aladin.

  • That will be fantastic!! Toy Story is about to be launched back into history with the new movie next spring, and the fun at DW. The Aladdin show is fantastic, but I have seen it, and am ready for something new! Thanks Disney for keeping up on the latest and greatest!

  • I am sure that the Toy Story will be a fun and entertaining show…but am still sad that the Aladdin production will be closing. It is a wonderful show and a must see everytime we visit the park.

  • While I echo the sentiments that Aladdin is an amazing show, I look forward to seeing something new move into the theater. Aladdin will have had a terrific run by August of next year, and judging by the presentation on Toy Story: The Musical at D23, this will make a fantastic addition to the park.

  • I agree completely with Lauren and Steven. I am a HUGE Alan Menken fan, and I totally agree that the Aladdin show was “near-Broadway quality.” It is my absolute favorite Disney show of all time and I am so sad to hear that when I see it in January, it will probably be my last time.

  • I just had a small figurative heart attack and echo Steven’s comment. Aladdin is an amazing show above and beyond the quality of any other live theater at the Disney Parks (at least in the US, in my experience). The Genie keeps the show fresh, and as much as I love Toy Story, I don’t see how a score from the cruise ship show or a new score can even dream of matching the quality and memorability of Alan Menken’s work on Aladdin. A show based on Toy Story, which was not a musical to begin with, doesn’t seem as repeatable as Aladdin, which has the appeal of a near-Broadway quality show.

  • Is this the same show that is on the Disney Wonder?

  • Does this mean that the Disney Wonder will get a new show to replace Toy Story – The Musical? Loved this show when we saw it in April 2008, but would love a new show for our Alaska cruise on the Wonder in June 2011!

  • Will it be the same show from DCL?

  • I can’t wait! I will also try and watch Aladdin as much as possible till it closes!

  • I feel like a bit of me just died. Aladdin was an AMAZING show that was always kept fresh and new with the genies pop culture jokes. Theres already too much Toy Story at the parks with Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters and Midway Mania.

  • One hyphenated word… “YEE-HAW!”

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