Did you miss it? Davy Crockett’s Window in Frontierland

Heather Hust Rivera

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Have you seen the window in Frontierland dedicated to Fess Parker, the man known to millions of baby-boomers as legendary frontiersman Davy Crockett?

Fess Parker, as Davy Crockett, receives a tribute window

Five years ago this week, Fess Parker received the highest honor Disneyland Resort bestows when the park unveiled a tribute window. Parker’s salute included an entirely rethemed building facade which paid tribute to Parker’s portrayal of Davy Crockett, along with his sidekick Georgie Russel, played by the late actor Buddy Ebsen. Parker and Ebsen were featured stars at the grand opening of Disneyland on July 17, 1955.

In his role as Davy Crockett, Fess Parker helped promote and open Disneyland Park. In the photos below, you’ll see Davy Crockett walking through a yet-to-be finished Disneyland park and later with Walt Disney riding a horse on Main Street, U.S.A.

Fess Parker with Walt Disney walking through a yet-to-be finished Disneyland park

Fess Parker riding horses with Walt Disney

The tradition of honoring individuals with a personalized decorative window was started on Main Street by Walt Disney himself and has continued throughout Disney parks worldwide.


  • God bless Fess Parker. He made Davy Crockett one of my childhood heroes.

  • My husband and I had a chance meeting with Fess Parker at his winery about 5 years ago. He was a most gracious and welcoming man. We had never met him yet he invited us to join him that evening at his bed and breakfast. He said that we would be gathering around the piano and singing. Unfortunately I became ill later that day but I will never forget his warmth. He was so kind and I was really impressed by that. Also for a man his age he was extremely fit. Meeting him was a highlight for us!


  • Mary from Santa Barbara, CA
    I am really glad to see that in this message they are recognizing someone who has been with Walt from the ever beginning. Fess Parker who we see her alot in Santa Barbara. Is a wonderful actor and the movies he was in for the Walt Disney Corp. and he well deserves a window in Frontierland at Disneyland.

  • I was a member of the “coon skin hat” era too. Loved Fess Parker and all the disney shows, was a card carrying member of the original Mickey Mouse Club, and performed in the AP big Mickey hat ceremony with some of the original stars of the MM club,for the 50th celebration.

  • I had the honor to meet Mr. Parker several years ago at a WDW event. I am thrilled he has received one of the highest honors Mr. Disney could bestow his “family”. He Is still the strong smooth hero I remember from my growing up years and I smile when I think of my crush on him as Davy Crockett and Arliss’ Pa in ‘Ole Yeller! May the sun shine brightly on his face for many years to come!

  • My memories of Disneyland and Frontierland go way back to the late fifties-when my parents took me to the new park! My parents bought me a Davy Crockett hat and I wore it all the time-I would pretend that I was Davy’s sidekick in our back yard! Frontierland was my favorite area in Disneyland-and still is! I felt like I was part of the Wild West-and still do to this day! Of course the imagination plays a big part in all of this-Fess Parker was one of my favorites-as Davy Crockett and as Daniel Boone! Thank you Fess for your years of dedication as these great characters! Mo

  • What an honor Mr. Parker. Congratulations!!!!

  • I remember as a kid, all the boys in the neighborhood were wearing coonskin caps. I lost my collection of Davy Crockett trading cards that I wish I had now! What memories! Thanks Fess Parker and Walt Disney!

  • I am very glad that Fess Parker now has a window with his name on it in Frontierland. I knew that Walt Disney had recognized those who contributed to the construction of Disneyland, including his father Elias (who built Tom Sawyer’s Island) by putting their names in the windows of fictitious businesses on Main Street. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for others like Mr. Parkers.

  • Loved, Loved, Loved Davy Crockett and Fess Parker, thought he was so cute, loved all the Disney characters and shows. Just the other day I watched a Mickey show on the Disney Channel. Have been to Disney World twice, one day at Animal Kingdom and made my first trip to Disneyland in 2005 for the 50th Anniversay which was so amazingly unforgettable, you see I never did the roller coasters at any theme park and decided it was time to do it at the age of 59, rode em all baby even Space Mountain, came home and had to go to Urgent Care for anxiety and blood pressure but it was worth it. Planning now to possibly spend Christmas and New Years Eve in Disney World in 2010 or 2011 of course this trip I’ll have to steer an electric scooter, legs aren’t what they used to be.

  • Much coolness. I had a coonskin cap when I was a little kid.

  • This past week, I’ve noticed a new book in select Disney Parks gift shops titled “Windows on Main Street” by Chuck Snyder. It’s a great book. Be sure to pick one up (and one for your friend, too).

  • I love the windows in Disneyland.

  • Fess Parker…please live forever.

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