• Fantastic photo!

  • The Amateur Day is a great idea! Allow trusted fans to enjoy the magic early or late when the park is nice & quiet. I’m willing to sign a waiver indicating my responsibility-ness. Love the pic and the idea. Thanks Paul & Maia!

  • Disneyland at sunrise must be truly stunning, the stillness and quiet…breathtaking!

  • I agree with the comment from Maia… Having an amateur photographer day or morning would be fantastic!

  • Great Photo! I wish I had a job where I got to stroll around Disney taking pictures all day 🙂

  • That shot is an instant desktop background. Very excited to ride the attraction for the first time in just two short weeks.

  • Fantastic photo. This would look great in the Disney calendar.

  • I WANT YOUR JOB!!! you must have the best job in the world i think! :o)

  • Great shot! I love it! 🙂

    • Thanks. I enjoyed taking it.

  • Wow, I bet Disneyland is even more magical at sunrise. I wish there was a designated day for amateur photographers to photograph the park at sunrise. Until then, keep these magical images coming!

  • How does one become a Disneyland Photographer??? I am a photographer here in the area, just curious.

  • amazing shot. how does one go about becoming one of these photographers at the resort?

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