‘World of Color’ Road Show

Heather Hust Rivera

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‘World of Color’ Road Show
Have you had a chance to see “World of Color” at Disney California Adventure park?

While there’s no substitute for that nighttime spectacular, special colorful and animated changes will come to California icons in cities across the state in the “World of Color” Road Show this July. You’ll have the chance to see these cool transformations online at www.WorldofColorRoadShow.com.

Don’t forget – get the scoop and follow us online at www.WorldofColorRoadShow.com.


  • Hi i just wanted to know if people could see it live at the walt disney concert hall in downtown la the world of color road show? What time dose the show start the world of color road show in downtown la at the walt disney concert hall?

  • I’m trying to find out where in San Diego the road show will be, do we need tickets, how do we get these if we do need them, what time(s), etc. Thank you. Suzy

  • Where will this be held in San Diego? Where do I get tickets?

  • where can i buy the tickets for the one in LA????

  • I think there is no actual Roadshow. It seems as if they don’t actually project anything on an actual building or landmark. Looks like they just fake everything as a video post-effect and stream it online. So if you were at the Legion of Honor last night while the show was being streamed, you wouldn’t have seen anything on the actual building.
    Does that sound right?

  • I’m dying to go see this tonight in San Francisco, but there’s no location listed. Uh, what’s the point of a roadshow if no one can go see it?

  • I am also in San Francisco and would love to experience the road show… How do we know when and where? Please update us on how to find out?

  • I’m a little confused as to how this works….you have the dates and cities listed, but how do you know where exactly in the city? I live in the bay area and San Francisco is a large city…if I understood correctly, you don’t announce the actual location unti the night of?….That doesn’t really help me out

  • Ok, the video shows the cities now, but where do i find additional infomation, to see it live!!!! times, locales, details PLEASE…. says in San Franc, July 7 & 8 and re-shows after that, but the pic on the video shows Coit Tower, but not sure how that would work… Thank you…..

  • The dates and locations are in the video on the linked site. No info as to what type of a show this is tho. Would love to know if this will be a water show, or a light show projected on the buildings.

  • Where do I find the dates and locations?????

  • Yay!

    You’re coming to my hometown! I can’t see where any dates have been posted. Are they posted anywhere yet?

  • I’m still looking for additonal information on location and how this “roadshow” is gonna work and where and when?? Thanks

  • Disregard my last question. I just saw on Wikipedia (who has the updated name) that it was on this blog on May 28th

  • On a side note, I see that “Disney’s California Adventure” is now being referred to as “Disney California Adventure”. What prompted the drop in the ‘s ?

  • Is it only going to be in LA?? The Link attached (above) doesn’t really give much info, or can someone give me a idea on where to find the info on locales, times, etc… July 7th, but where, I saw a pic of Coit Tower (and did I see the Walt Disney Fam Museum??) in San Franc… I want to go, if thats the case..
    Please provide more info…

  • This looks so cool!

    Will this road show go to other West Coast cities like Portland and Seattle? Or is it just going to be a California thing?

  • W. Disney Concert Hall, L.A.

  • World of Color is all well and good, but when are we going to see anything here about GlowFest? I just have to say that GlowFest ROCKS! I’m the 48 year old mom of a 21 year old daughter and a 12 year old son. My son and I stumbled upon the GlowFest street fair on June 19th after 10 PM on our way to Tower of Terror. We were really impressed by the dancers, DJ, specialty light-up drinks, and especially by the interactive screen and the fact that GlowFest was still going strong well after the park’s official closing time. We told my daughter, who wasn’t with us that day, about it the next day and talked about it all through the week. She asked to go on the 26th, so off we went. She had been thinking that we were over-hyping it, but she loved it as much as we did. As a matter of fact, she said she wants to go back every weekend and take all of her friends! I think it should become a permanent fixture, not just a seasonal event. (We could all do without the HSM3 parades if you need to offset costs. Just saying.)

  • The concert hall in downtown! 😀 Good publicity, but seems a little close to Anaheim, eh? World of Color was great, I’m glad I got to see it. I think it’ll be fun to see pictures of the installations around the state.

  • Aww. Just California? Looks like fun!

  • Yup!
    That’s the Walt Disney Concert Hall!

  • the Walt Disney Concert Hall!!! (: i cant wait for the road shows!

  • Walt Disney Concert Hall

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