A Rhino Just Smiled at Me

A Rhino Just Smiled at Me
One photography lesson that I learned early on was to anticipate where the action was about to take place and set myself up at that location, ready to snap the photo. With this image I was watching the parade and noticed that the rhinoceros was walking up to guests on the right hand side of the parade route, stopping for a second and moving on. I positioned myself behind the bench and waited to see if the photo I had hoped for would happen. It turned out to be a very fun photo.


  • I noticed the little girl on the bench has her hand reaching out to pet the rhino yet the lady in the blue flowered blouse looks like she’s about to jump out of her seat – you certainly captured the moment! Here’s looking at you!

  • Its awesome……….

  • I thought the rhino was also in the Lion King Celebration Parade. I miss that parade sooo much…and Parade of Dreams! I wish Walt Disney World would get as great a parade as Disneyland gets. We get Share a Dream Come True/Disney Dreams Come True/Celebrate Dreams Come True…same parade version 3.2. =(

  • I would buy a book of his photos! What a great picture!

  • ..Sorry for the misspelling, I meant Brian. πŸ™‚

  • I remember that Rhino. I loved him! πŸ™‚

    I’m with Brain, I miss the Parade of Dreams too.

    “Celebrate: A Street Party” is fun, but I’m really looking forward to seeing another traditional Disneyland parade someday.

  • which parade is this? Amazing photo by the way.

  • I miss Parade of Dreams…

  • I love the photos Paul takes!!! He needs to make a book! πŸ™‚

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