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It’s In The Bag

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Have you heard the buzz about the new Dooney & Bourke collection of handbags that were created in celebration of the 55th Anniversary of Disneyland park? The bags showcase iconic Disneyland images from different silhouettes of Mickey Mouse through the years, to Mickey Mouse Club I.D. cards and park tickets to famous phrases associated with “The Happiest Place on Earth.”

Disney Vault 28 will be the first to offer these Disneyland Resort Dooney & Bourke co-branded bags. This commemorative collection highlights the essence of Disney with color, art and a nostalgic touch.

Disneyland Resort Dooney & Bourke co-branded bags

Ian Ray of Dooney & Bourke will be on hand for a special appearance at Disney Vault 28 in the Downtown Disney District on Saturday, July 17, 2010 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. for this kick-off event.

There are some official details and restrictions you should know about, so be sure to visit www.ArtofDisneyParks.com for the most up to date information on this release.


  • Is the fabric of the bags the same as the white Sketch and DCL purses……or the same fabric on the Minnie pink and blue Mickey print?

  • I vote for a backpack (with good organization inside) also. It would be great to use for the parks.

  • I already enjoy using the sketch print bags. Now, I look forward to getting this print. D&B/Disney should consider creating a backpack version.

  • Hi Michelle, Is there a wallet that goes along with these amazing purses. To make sure I understand this, can we purchase them early, get a wrist band and then come back to pick them up between 2 pm – 4 pm.

    • Suzy, unfortunately the wallet won’t be available for the event. But isn’t the collection great! You will have the opportunity to purchase the bags in the morning and take them with you. The gift with purchase is what will be distributed between 2pm and 4 pm.

  • Oh, these are amazing! Just might turn me into a D&B convert! Do you have dimensions (for those of us out of the area who might send a proxy shopper), or any info about pockets inside?

    • Kelly, here are some approximate dimensions to help give you an idea of the size of the bags. I sure hope it helps.

      Letter Carrier: 8.5″H x 8″W
      Messenger Bag: 9″H x 10.5″W x 3″D
      Wristlet: 4.75″H x 8″W
      Tote: 12″H x 18″W x 6.75″D

      Almost of all of them contain a pouch for a cel phone and a small zippered section.

      I really wish you could see them in person. They are truly fantastic!

  • I love the bags they are great! Can they only be purchased at the park or can we purchase them online?

  • Hi,
    the bags are so cute. How much do they cost? Can I buyh a bag online?

  • Hi there! I am stoked about these bags (I’m the same age as Disneyland and my mom took me in a stroller in 1955 when the park opened) but I also live in No. CA so I can’t make this date. Do you have dimensions and “names” of each of the bags or would that be available on Monday July 19 from Guest Services? Thank you!

  • Michelle, I understand the concept of “gift with purchase,” but is there anywhere that indicates exactly what this “gift” is? LOL, it could be a sticker or lollypop, though I truly expect more from Vault 28 🙂

    Could you clue me in? Thanks!

  • I’ve seen a checkbook wallet listed as included in this release on other sites–is there in fact a wallet?

  • Hi! I LOVE Disneyland, but also LOVE D&B. However, I’m not going to be able to get to Disney anytime soon due to extended treatment for an illness. Will the bags be available via mail or through other stores outside of Disneyland? Thanks!

    • Hi Anne! The best thing to do is inquire about the bags with our Disneyland Merchandise Guest Services team on Monday, July 19th. They can be reached at 800.362.4533.

  • Hi..I am in Northern California and can’t get down there to purchase personally.. Do you know if we can call and purchase over the phone? Or is this available online? Thank you.

  • Cute bags. Love to see something just for DL 55 Ann.

    The gift with purchase, if you buy over $150 before 2:00 pm do you still qualify for the gift with purchase and need to return between 2:00-4:00 to get the gift? Or do you have to spend the $150 during the hours of 2:00-4:00?

    • Janell, in answer to your question. You can actually purchase the bags beginning at shop opening, if you spend $150 or more, you will be given a wristband to return between 2 pm and 4 pm to receive your gift with purchase from Ian Ray. Hope that helps.

  • Currently, Disney Vault 28 will open its doors at 10 AM on July 17th. Hope to see you there.

  • Michelle, on the page over at Art of Disney Parks there was no time listed for the opening of Disney Vault 28. Do you know what time the store will be opening on Saturday? Thank you!

  • I am absolutely over the moon about this collaboration! The Disneyland specific design is such a great addition to the Disney Dooney line. Are these bags going to be sold around the parks for a while I hope?

    • The bags will be available at select locations inside Disneyland park, in the days following the event.

  • Do you know what kind of fabric they’re made of? Thanks!

    • Christine, the fabrication is 100% cotton fabric and lining with a polyvinyl coating and leather trims.

  • Great bags! Will the bags be available at other stores or the merchandise line after the event? Are the bags a limited edition – meaning only so many of the bags are available? Or are the bags an open edition, meaning they may be available for a while? Looking forward to seeing them!!

    • Hi Julia! I hope I am able to answer all of your great questions. The bags will be available at other select locations inside Disneyland park, in the days following the event. The bags are not considered limited edition, however they are a limited release created for the celebration of the 55th Anniversary of Disneyland park.

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