Putting it Together

Rabbit smelling the blossoms by Paul Hiffmeyer
The cute little animals you will find in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland park can make for some fun photos with the castle in the background. If you look a little closer, you can sometimes find a photo that you would otherwise miss. When I saw the blossoms on a tree a few feet behind the rabbit, I knew I wanted to make it look as if the rabbit was smelling the blossoms. I used a long lens to compress the depth of field. I think it worked pretty well.


  • Your work is very polished. I appreciate your eye for detail and story telling.

  • what an adorable picture!

  • Such a sweet photo!

  • Very nice photo.

  • It is a great spot. We took one of my favorite pictures of the kids there with the owl statue. I always smile when I see that picture and or the owl when we visit.

  • Great photo, thanks for sharing..

  • What an absolutely gorgeous picture! As soon as I saw it, I simply had to make it my computer’s desktop wallpaper! I love everything about it! It’s a keeper for sure! :o)))

  • My daughter took some really cute pix just after stepping off the train at New Orleans Square. There are lovely light fixtures in the planters that look like little flowers. Check it out!

  • This is so sweet!!

  • I love the adorable animal statues that are in front of the castle. I usually take pictures of them straight on with a regular lense, but now I know to change it up a little for an entirely different (and more interesting) shot. Thanks for sharing!

  • Lovely, just lovely. And thanks for offering tips on how you got the shot.

  • I took a picture of my nieces with the castle in the background. They stood on either side of the cute owl from Bambi. Great picture, wish I could post it. It was on the side, so no other traffic in the area.

  • Nice photo. I love the detail that can be found throughout the park that sometimes we miss.

  • Great one.
    I very rarely stop on the bridge, or near the castle because there are so many picture takers in that area and I always feel like I’m in the way. I do love Snow White’s little grotto off to the side. That’s a quiet place to enjoy the well.
    It’s true though that just a little closer look can shift your perspective into something you may never have expected.

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