• Wonderful photos, Gene… and I especially love the “hidden Mickey” cloud in the 2nd shot! (Whether intentional or serendipitous, it’s perfect!) 8(:-D

  • Lovely photo’s! I love black and white photography~ It looks so elegant.

  • These are wonderful. My gosh remember when……all we had for pictures were black and white?
    Have to admit though…………….Color is at it’s best when done DISNEY !!!!!!!!

  • Beautiful pictures of the ship! In 2000 our group called the “Cruise Gals” went on our first of many cruises it was
    with Disney on The Wonder! When I walked through Mickey’s ears to enter the boat I felt like I was on the other side of the rainbow!! What I would give to go on that cruise again with all my friends. We had the best time and every moment was a dream come true!!! I have highly recommended your cruise to all the people I know that can afford it and they felt the same way I did! Since then the Cruise Gals have had to go on less expensive cruises which were no comparison but we have always talked about the one and only “Wonder” that we all felt like princesses and little children again……..It was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  • We got married on the Wonder and are headed back for our Anniversary 23 January on the Mexican Riviera cruise. They can build em bigger, but no other ship will replace her in our hearts. See ya real soon Capt Henry.

  • Love the Black and Whites Pictures, but it still looks beautiful in color. Cruised on the Wonder September 5-9. A trip I will never forget. Thanks DISNEY!!! Will definitely be back!!

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