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Duffy the Disney Bear is on His Way

Great news…Duffy the Disney Bear will be arriving at both Disney California Adventure park and Epcot tomorrow but we have a sneak peek today for Disney Parks Blog readers. If you remember, I shared some first photos and drawings of Duffy, Mickey Mouse’s very own teddy bear last month. Now, we’ve got video of Duffy on his way to Epcot aboard the Grand 1, the 52-foot yacht that sails Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake at Walt Disney World. Why, the Grand 1 yacht? Duffy is a sailor, after all.

If you happen to be in Disney Parks tomorrow, join us for Duffy’s Grand Opening! Don’t miss Duffy’s Grand Opening in Epcot tomorrow afternoon at 12:00pm EST and at Disney California Adventure park at 9:45am PST.

By the way, escorting Duffy is an unusual duty for the Grand 1. Most nights, the yacht sails from the marina at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, taking guests out to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks. To get more information, you can call (407) WDW-PLAY.


  • Call me a cynic, but he looks like just another generic, Build-A-Bear ripoff. Sure, I know that he is supposed to be Mickey’s bear that Minnie made for him… but it really doesn’t seem to have the heartwarming Disney connection. I agree with Benjamin, it seems to me that this is nothing more than a marketing ploy by Disney. Unfortunate… I’d never buy this for my child for that very reason. Too gimmicky!

  • Can we find him online like at I just missed him by a week and he seems to be hard to find on the computer!

  • tara:
    actually there is female bear in Tokyo now, her name is Shellie May, she’s really adorable. hopefully if Duffy is popular enough here she’ll be next

  • Oh scratch my comment about Disney being careful. I just noticed the headline refers to “his way”….hmm. That’s very odd. I wonder if in the U.S. he’ll be a he and only a he.

  • It’s interesting to see that many people posting are referring to Duffy as a “he”. Disney, however, is careful to not mention a gender. At Tokyo DisneySEA you can buy clothes for Duffy that are for both genders. The person who buys or gets Duffy decides what gender it is. I decided mine was a boy but I saw lots of people in Tokyo who had Duffy dressed as a girl. Last week at WDW, a Japanese couple in front of me in line had the small Duffys attached to their belt. The girl had a boy Duffy and the guy had a girl Duffy (with pink bow in hair).

  • Friends of mine had their baby yesterday. Duffy arrived at the parks today. I phoned in an order and Duffy is being shipped to the house of the new baby boy!

  • How can he be in two places at once?

    Just ask Mickey or any of the other Disney characters. 😀

    Some things in life just aren’t meant to be questioned.

  • I didn’t know he had a name, but this was the first teddy bear my son ever had (actually it was bought while I was still pregnant). We named him Max and he is still on my son’s bed seven years later.

  • So looking forward to being there in a few weeks. I love teddy bears and Disney…so what a great combination! Looking forward to scoping out Duffy around Epcot.ºoº

  • LOL at Judson…I was thinking the same thing, he’s going to be sailing a while if he’s got to get to Epcot since Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake aren’t connected to Cresent Lake or World Showcase Lagoon…perhaps Duffy on the Breathless II (if it was working) would have been better

  • i’m going to go pick up my duffy on Friday! so excited!

  • We saw this film shoot being set up last Friday at the GF — Although I am not entirely sold on Duffy — it was pretty interesting watching him hang out on the Yacht before the shoot. Welcome to WDW Duffy!

  • One question – it shows as 9:45am for DCA but California Adventure does not supposedly open until 10am tomorrow according to the hours section. Can you please tell us what time we can actually get there? I’d like to pass that along in the article I am writing. Thanks!

  • Will we be able to get our own Duffy’s online?

  • How’s he on his way to Epcot? Wasn’t the video shot around Seven Seas Lagoon. Doesn’t look like those two waterways are connected, not any connection that a 52′ yacht could navigate anyway.

  • Benjamin – if you follow his success at Tokyo DisneySea – he is a character and quite an important one in the Park there. In Japan, he was given a story and some background that brought to life what the “Disney Bear” on shelves in the US Parks had not. And that plush your Mom has now is probably worth quite a bit if you see what some of the earlier Disney Bears fetch on the secondary market. Be happy you did get it for her.

  • Ok… I thought the bear was cute when I first saw the plush in the parks a few years ago. I don’t care for this marketing campaign to try to get us to care about him as an actual character though. He’s not a character, and seeing him force fed to us is enough to make me regret ever buying the plush for my mom those years ago.

  • how can he be in two places at once?

  • Duffy is adorable! I can’t wait for my next trip to Disneyworld to see him!

  • Anonymous,
    I do believe Duffy is Mickey’s personal teddy bear.

  • So cute! My son has a Duffy bear in PJs and the darker brown Duffy with the 1st Visit shirt. He needs a sailor Duffy!!! (P.S. Is there a difference between light brown and dark brown Duffys?)

  • Although cute, why some random bear named Duffy? What is his story and relation to Disney?

  • Duffy is adorable!

  • Awww…he’s so cute!

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