Crocumentation at Disneyland Park

One of my responsibilities as a photographer here at the Disneyland Resort is to document different aspects of the Resort for our archive. Here’s a photo inside of Splash Mountain of the ZIP-A-DEE-LADY scene that I took a few weeks ago, after realizing we didn’t have a current photo of this scene.

The Zip-A-Dee-Lady Scene Inside Splash Mountain at Disneyland Park

I seem to remember seeing some of these critters before in our archive, so I thought I’d share this 1974 documentation photo we found of Imagineers working on another Disneyland park attraction.

Walt Disney Imagineers Working on a Disneyland Park Attraction

Do you know what attraction this was?


  • I use to love America Sings when I was little. I miss it! Your photo is beautiful!

  • I remember the first time we took our kids to Disneyland. One of their favourite movies at that time was The Country Bears. We hadn’t been to Disneyland in several years and I was so shocked to see that the Country Bear Jamboree was gone!!! It’s too bad. I don’t know what year it was removed (the movie came out in 2002) but they should’ve kept it. The movie and the Jamboree would’ve made a great pairing!!!

  • They had the board that they were using in the picture at the Expo last year. It was covered with doodles, including a bunch of Gus Gremlin. I loved America Sings!!!!!! And I love the book Gremlins, written by RAF LT Roald Dahl, illustrated by Walt Disney.

  • “Pop goes the weasel! He he he he….!”

  • America Sings was also special as many singing artists like Burl Ives and Marilyn McCoo visited WED during it’s design and production, and particapated on the music and voice soundtracks. Burl did the lead character Sam the eagle.

  • I have “Joy To The World” as a ringtone because it reminds me of America Sings. Among the many reasons to love this show was we would come down in July, when it was much hotter than we’re used to, and it was a great way to take a break & cool off.

  • America Sings! Loved it

  • it’s from America sings deep south act, though I only got to see it a handful of times (Disneyland only operated it during peak times after the first few years) as we only went during the Gas company parties there.

  • Mary from Santa Barbara, CA
    This was America Sings…which use to be located in Tomorrowland, where the Innoventions are at Disneyland today.

  • This is my MOST favorite part of Splash Mountain!! Thanks for the great photo. 🙂

  • Country Bears Jambourie

  • I remember those days on “America Sings” with Mark Davis at the helm. Here is Disney Legend Wathel Rodgers and Jack Taylor programming this scene with Swamp Boys.

  • I know the guy sitting next to the guy working the sound board!! He’s showed me that picture! Haha I wish America Sings was back. 🙁 Too young to have seen it. 🙁 Looked like a good time. I do love Splash Mountain though. Single rider + 10AM = MY OWN LOG! Haha

  • Gosh I miss America Sings! That was one of those rides that I just NEVER missed when I visited Disneyland in the 1970’s and 80’s. It was so novel, so clever, so cute and upbeat and fun. They just don’t make stuff like that anymore, as shows today all seem to be full of cynicism and snarky jokes that make fun of others.

    I wish Disney could get back to fun, polite, upbeat theme park shows again.

  • I sure loved America sings as well as the Carousel of Progress. E Ticket radio still plays the soundtrack from America Sings and I still smile. Innovations is nice but just not the same. I sure think they could better use that space.

  • It was America Sings which was located were Innoventions is now.
    Great show.

  • Count me as another who still misses America Sings! Nice to see a picture of it again.

  • Really? You didn’t realize that those were all the characters from America Sings? That was the greatest thing there until they decided to close it, open splash mountain and inoventions.

  • I love riding Splash Mountain partially to visit my America Sings friends. And I always listen to the soundtrack on my way down to Disneyland. I still miss that show.

  • I miss America Sings! That was too fun!

  • Some of the critters from America Sings went into Splash Mountain the rest became the robots in Star Tours pre-show.

  • America Sings was a great show. I miss it and The Bear Country Jamboree.

  • America Sings!! Splash Mountain was built after America Sings closed!!

  • Yes Indeed! Most of the critters in Splash Mountain were from America Sings. 🙂

  • I LOVED America Sings! It’s a great childhood memory. I got all the song tracks on one of those create-your-own-cds at Disneyland a while back.

  • America Sings! I am fairly sure I learned so many songs that the ‘average guy’ doesn’t know just because of that attraction – and I STILL love those songs!

  • America Sings! I miss that show/ride soooooo much!

  • I loved America Sings! I was so sad when it closed.

  • Country Bear Jamboree was where the Winnie the Pooh ride is now. In one of the rooms during the ride if you look back you can see the bear heads still mounted on the wall.

  • They’re from America Sings! Who could ever forget The Swamp Boys? 🙂

  • Splash Mountain for sure. Country Bear Jamboree was shut down to create the Winnie the Pooh ride at Disneyland.

  • I’m just jealous you can take a nice photo of the ride and not have to worry about getting your camera wet.

  • The man at the Audio-Animatronics programing console is Disney Legend and Imagineer Wathel.

  • Those are the “Swamp Boys” from America Sings. They sang “Polly Wolly Doodle” during the first act of the show, “The Deep South”. They performed in the Carousel Theater in Tomorrowland from June 1974 to Aprtl 1988. The moved with many of their co-stars to Critter Country to become a part of Splash Mountain in 1989!

  • America Sings oh how much I wished I would of seen it in person, the only way I have seen the show is on family home movies.

  • Splash Mountain at Disneyland!

  • America Sings! The attraction that was installed in the then GE Paviliaion at Disneyland’s Tomorrowland after the Carousel of Progress was removed and reinstalled at Epcot and before Innoventions.

  • Country Bear Jamboree for sure! Didn’t they shut that down to make Splash Mountain?

  • It’s America Sings! 🙂

    • That’s right, the crocodiles and many of the characters on the ZIP-A-DEE-LADY are from America Sings.

  • Country Bear Jamboree?

  • America Sings! I wasnt alive for it, but they talked about it ALOT at Destination D! 😀

  • America Sings!!!


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