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The ‘Look’ of ElecTRONica! Part One: What a Program Wears

Robin Trowbridge

by , Entertainment Show Director, Disneyland Resort.

From the moment you enter the Grid, you are immersed in the world of Tron. Noticeably present are the inhabitants of this strange cyber world — programs, sirens, servers and our ElecTRONica host Eckert.

But where did their look come from? Today we want to introduce you to the first of two posts on the “look” of ElecTRONica.

All programs wear costumes inspired from the action-adventure film, “TRON: Legacy.” Their bodysuits feature variations on an asymmetrical design, which helps to express the independence and individuality of the wearer.

Here is an image from the actual film designs, shared with us by our friends at the Walt Disney Studios. Check out how the original concept was transformed into one of the looks for the film.

ElecTRONica Costumes Inspired by 'TRON: Legacy'

Check out this video and hear more from one of our Costuming team members, Paulette Uris, who helped bring the look of “TRON: Legacy” to ElecTRONica.

So, want to see these unique costumes in action? Make your way to Disney California Adventure park where the world of Tron comes to life!

Next week, we’ll follow up with “Part Two: Faces Of A Program” as we focus on the hair and make-up that is an important element to this striking look.


  • Thank you for posting this! I really like seeing behind-the-scenes of anything Disney. I’ve partied at ElecTRONica more than 10 times+the Meet Up! I’ll be watching TRON Legacy tonight’s at midnight!

  • Very cool.

  • ElecTRONica is great! Those would make great halloween costumes next year.

  • Thank you so much for this. I saw the show just this past Weds, and I LOVED it. Including their costumes, hair and make up. So I’m just as excited to see part II.

  • The ElecTRONica is another great addition to DCA and Hollywood Blvd. I think bringing in these type of themes will help the park in bring more guests to it (such as World of Color).

    We are soon approaching DCA’s 10th Anniversary, and the park has improved immensly. Probably taking more time than expected, but the upcoming improvements are welcomed by many. The one change I will miss is the Golden Gate Bridge, but I understand the concept of bringing the park to the 1920’s era when Walt started building his dream.

    As for the movie Tron Legacy, I saw it yesterday at the El Captain Theater in Hollywood. It was awesome, and ready to go again. That’s the best place to see it, with a few secret surprises which I won’t say for those who haven’t been there yet. But well worth the journey and a little extra money.

    Also the Disney Soda Fountain & Studio Store have exclusive Tron Legacy collectibles and goodies that are not available anywhere else.

    After having the GlowFest at DCA, Tron is another worthy addition to the park. Great Job !!

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