Last Weekend for an All Hallows Eve T at Disney California Adventure Park

Robin Trowbridge

by , Entertainment Show Director, Disneyland Resort.

Have you made it out to our splendiferously spooky edition of the Mad T Party this year? We stirred in a bit of Halloween spice to make it even more devilishly delicious! Have a look:

This particular brand of fantabulous freakishness fades into the night after this weekend, so don’t be late! If you can’t make it, though, fret not. The Rabbit Hole will soon open again for some holiday celebratiousness and a bit of snowfall, just in time for T!

For more on Halloween Time at Disneyland Resort, click the links below:


  • @Jennifer There’s WAY too much revenue from all the (usually thrifty) annual passholders buying cocktails for the parties to go away. While obviously the T Party specifically won’t be around forever, and major construction in the area could prompt reconfiguring the stage & party area, I can’t imagine it wouldn’t be replaced with something comparably fun.

  • We LOVE the Mad T Party and are making a trip in December from Northern CA. pretty much just to see it for the Holiday! I’m bummed we couldn’t make it for some Halloween T but hopefully next year.

    Do you know if the Monsters Door Coaster addition will have any effect on future T parties? I would just die..of thirst.. if it went away.

  • The official marketing hasn’t been too clear on this, so for those considering hitting the T Party this weekend, note that the truly Halloween-themed stuff happens during the last set of the night (10pm Friday, 9pm Sat & Sun).

    That last set is not to be missed!

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