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‘Love is Magical’ at Epcot

You know that feeling when you’re weak in the knees, there’s butterflies in your tummy, the goose-bumps are prickling on your arms, you can’t stop smiling, and you feel like you’re walking on air? That feeling can only be one thing: Love. And if you ask me, I believe that Love is Magical. And it seems that I’m not the only Cast Member at Disney Theme Park Merchandise that feels the same way.

Love is Magical

This year, we are celebrating the power of love in a fun, new way at Love is Magical, a one-day Pin Trading event taking place on Saturday, February 5, in the Wonders Pavilion at Epcot. We’ve dedicated the entire event to love and the Disney Characters who love love as much as we do.

I caught up with one of the Disney Design Group artists for Love is Magical, Quynh Kimball, to talk about the event and how he dreamed up the creations for this swoon-worthy event. “With the ‘Love is Magical’ event we wanted to showcase all the variations of love,” said Quynh. “Disney feature films have always been full of magic and love, mostly the romantic sort, but there’s so much more.

'Love is Magical' 'Box of Chocolates' Pin Set

When I asked Quynh what he felt the defining pin or pin set of the event was, he didn’t have to think twice, “I think the defining set for event is the ‘Box of Chocolates,’ it represents love in its many facets. Who hasn’t said or experienced at least once that ‘Love is Blind?’ Much like in the Disney stories there are lessons to be learned as love is earned, maybe there’s something there that wasn’t there before or someone is a diamond in the rough or you want someone to be a part of your world. Love can make every day the BEST. DAY. EVER.”

'Love is Magical' 'Puppy Love' Pin Set

Monty Maldovan, another artist with Disney Design Group, has created a few pin sets in the Love is Magical that are just “lovely.” There’s “Puppy Love” with some of Disney’s most beloved canines and it holds a dual meaning – love in its earliest stage.

Of course when one thinks of love and Valentine’s Day, you can’t help but think sweet treats! During Love is Magical, all event attendees will have the opportunity to make three trades with love-inspired Pin Trading Boards or activities. Plus, we’re giving event Guests one extra special treat – something we like to call, ‘The Sweetheart Trade’. The Sweetheart Trade is extra special. Event Guests trade one of their traditional lanyard pins for a mystery Jumbo Pin. On top of The Sweetheart Trade, we’re offering some pretty sweet treats in the form of a delicious dessert buffet that will be filled with traditional sweets like cherry chocolate cupcakes and chocolate laced éclairs, plus a warm dark chocolate torte and baklava with honey and walnuts – of course we will have so much more, but all this talk of sweet treats is too much for my taste buds to take!

So if you’re looking for an entertaining and unique way to celebrate love with your Valentine this year or just another excused to Pin Trade with fellow Disney Fans, come and enjoy Love is Magical. For more information, details, and to register for this special event, please visit


  • I love the pins and must highly agree that love is found around Epcot! I proposed to my wife back in 2005 after Illuminations under one of the bridges of World Showcase when we were on the Breathless II. Amazing setting.

  • I am confused, do we go by the main event page or the registration page for what the acitivities there will be? The main page lists different acitivities than the registration page.

  • So I am confused, the main page for the event has a different list of acitvities than the registration page. Several items are on main page but missing from registration and vice versa. Which do we go by?

  • The Sweetheart Trade sounds AWESOME!! Can’t wait to see the Silent Auction catalog!

  • I SO need the Walle/Eva pin.
    My husband and soulmate is a Wally, ‘nough said.

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