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Looking Back: Romantic Memories at the Disneyland Resort

Michele Himmelberg

by , Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort

Like we’ve been saying all week: Love is in the air here at the Disneyland Resort! We hope you’ve enjoyed the Valentine-inspired stories we’ve shared with you.

Earlier today, we shared a video of guests talking about all kinds of “anniversary” celebrations here at the Resort. That reminded me of a video we shared with you last year. Guests told us about their favorite romantic moments – from holding hands to train rides to presenting a ring under the magic of the fireworks. Take a look.

We have one more Valentine’s story for you. On Monday, we’ll share our list of the 10 Most Romantic Places at the Disneyland Resort.

Which places do you think will be on our list?


  • My Parents enjoyed their first visit today on their 50th wedding anniversary. They were made to feel so special by everyone. Thanks for that you gave them something that we never could. Disney is magic in so many ways.

  • I was totally drooling over the treat too!!!!! CUTE VIDEO! Thanks guys; post more guest interviews- my family and I loved watching this one together!! The couples are so adorable, and plus the magic and Pixie Dust of Disneyland….. it’s that much more romantic!

  • Was I the only one eyeing the Dole Pineapple Whip of the communication couple??

    Great video. Its always nice to hear people love Disneyland!

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