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Video Sneak Peek: Haunted Mansion Interactive Queue at Magic Kingdom Park

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

Attention Foolish Mortals: Walt Disney Imagineering has an exclusive first look at the new interactive queue being added to the Haunted Mansion attraction at Magic Kingdom Park – and it’s something you’ll want to check out. Your experience will now begin with a new story line inspired by some of your favorite characters previously seen only inside the Haunted Mansion. There are new crypts and other “spooky” sights to see as well as my favorite tombstones with witty epitaphs to the dearly departed like, “Drink A Toast To Our Friend Ken, Fill Your Glass And Don’t Say ‘When.’”

Today, Walt Disney Imagineering show producer Eric Goodman and show designer and art director Pete Carsillo are giving Disney Parks Blog readers a first video tour of the queue and a look at the amazing Decomposing Composer’s Crypt. The new Tomb has two sides of interactive instruments that sound as weird as they look. See for yourself.

Looks great, right? The grand opening of the new interactive queue is tentatively slated for the end of the month. Stay tuned to the blog for the latest information.


  • …Also, I have to add that there are really far too many cynics these days.

    The Imagineers are just trying to keep Walt’s intent alive, that the park keeps changing. And that should ring true for every Disney park.

    The Imagineers are not trying to upset people, they are just trying to keep things fresh and entertaining. The WDW rides are very high in demand, and the lines are always very long there, so I can see the logic for them to do these queue changes.

  • I agree Philip!

    Walt wanted Disneyland to change. Change is not necessarily a bad thing.

    Change is a part of life!

  • so cool

  • Looks EXCITING! cant wait to visit!!!

  • Thank you for sharing that peek!! It’s amazing to me how far “out side of the box” all the Imagineers go and how they come up with these forms of entertainment. It is truly magical..

  • we will be there in July can’t wait to see all the new things going on in the parks!!!!

    I know that Tangled is the new disney princess…will she be appearring in the parks like the others????

    Does anyone know, or know where I can find out?

  • I saw this the day it opened (at least I assume it opened that day b/c it was closed the day before), but we couldn’t touch it yet. It was kinda roped off and there was a guy there protecting it. I did see the Captain’s tomb occasionally sneezing out water, which was cute. Oh well, guess I’ll see it closer next time.

  • This is the first ride we go on! Can’t wait!

  • Thank you very much for the information. This may lead to other Disney parks? . It would be fantastic.

  • You guys are just phenomenal!! People have no idea about all the planning, logistics and, of course, the imagination that makes this come alive. Congrats to you!! Really, though, we are the benefactors. Thank you!!

  • Can someone in a wheelchair experience it?

  • So amazing. I love it. Just adds to the fun and the story. Sometimes waiting in line is not all that bad, and now a little scary too. Can’t wait to see it. Hopefully they add some at the Disneyland also, but make it a bit different. Maybe voices coming from one of the crypts.

  • I’m so excited! Haunted Mansion is my favorite attraction at WDW!

  • I concur with Comment #51.

    Re: Adrian, the whole “sense of foreboding” is actually still there.

  • Haunted Mansion is my favorite attraction at Magic Kingdom…new queue looks great! CAN’T WAIT to see it when we arrive for our yearly visit!!

    Progression happens people; so stop complaining and enjoy!

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