What Are Your Favorite Sounds at the Disneyland Resort?

Michele Himmelberg

by , Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort

Choose a location in either Disneyland park or Disney California Adventure park, and find a nice spot where you can safely close your eyes — and just listen. You might be amazed at what you hear. In almost any themed land you visit you’ll hear the music, and then you’ll start to hear the many other layers of sound that give each place its character and nuance.

Whether it’s the telegraph machine at the New Orleans Square Station, the noisy seagulls perched in Nemo’s lagoon, or Snow White wishing for her prince, you’ll hear sounds big and small.

Snow White Grotto at Disneyland Park

If you’re a frequent visitor to the parks, you may not even realize how many ambient sounds get your attention. Combined, these bits and pieces play a huge part in making Disney Parks the magical places they are. Below are three sound clips from Disneyland park. How many do you recognize?

Did we miss one of your favorites?


  • Tikki….tikki,,,,tike room!!!!

  • It has to be the Snow White wishing well!

  • Gotta go with the Mark Twain whistle.

  • The Steamboat Willie tune ! I hear that piped in over the PA system just outside of the Disneyland park near the lockers. To me, that’s magic !

  • Jon–
    the swiss polka music still plays on a gramophone in the campsite at Tarzan’s treehouse as a tribute to the Swiss Family treehouse. 🙂

  • Only one visit to Disneyland and DCA but my surprise was hearing Goofy in the shower near the Main Street lockers. It made me smile hearing it in the posted audio clip. At least I think that was in the clip.

  • The music box melody at the Haunted Mansion, and the frog sounds in the bayou of Pirates of the Caribbean.

  • It’s long-gone now, but THE SWISS POLKA played on the pipe organ at the old SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON TREEHOUSE. It would be playing as we had breakfast on the patio at that tight little corner in ADVENTURELAND. It would play over and over, but just like SMALL WORLD theme, I could never get tired of hearing it. As I sat there enjoying my Mickey-Shaped Pancakes, I would dream of the happy scene in the movie where the Family Robinson are all dancing to the merry tune. And hearing that pipe organ would make me want to go straight to The Treehouse after breakfast. The water-works and rustic plumbing was my favorite part. You never forget DISNEY MAGIC like that!

  • There are so many, but the Star Tours annoucement chimes come about top of my list too. I have one of them as my SMS message tone on my phone, but I do wish there was a cleaner version of it (with the reverb out) as mine cuts off before the end as I had to lift it from a soundtrack CD.

    So Disney, here’s your chance to SELL me an SMS tone! Or if not, an email from a friendly Imagineer would be very welcome… LOL.


  • My absolute favorite spot to sit and listen is in the seating area for Bengal BBQ. You can hear the sounds of the drums in Tarzan’s Treehouse and it’s the perfect place to people-watch!

  • My favorite sound is when I’m waiting in line for Soarin’ Over California I can hear Gustav Holst’s Jupiter the Bringer of Jollity. I now listen to it daily and my heart longs to be in Disneyland all the time.<3

  • it’s a world of laughter, a world or tears
    its a world of hopes, its a world of fear
    theres so much that we share
    that its time we’re aware
    its a small world after all

    I was really surprised by small world @ WDW and that you couldn’t hear the song playing outside!

  • Sidewalk music in front of Epcot

  • I agree with Jaime, I love all of the sounds of Disneyland.

    And yes, the Star Tours chimes are great. I’m so glad that they will be in the new Star Tours attraction.

  • I love when your standing in line for Indiana Jones and you can hear music from the 30’s playing, and you can hear a bunch of animal sounds, it really makes you feel like you are deep in the jungle. I also agree the Star Tours chime is pretty cool too.

  • I love ALL the sounds of Disneyland! My husband know this and to fill my need for the sounds of Disneyland when I am not there he bought me the box set of “A Musical History of Disneyland”. I love it and listen to it daily! 🙂

  • Where do I start? My favorite would have to be the swamp on Pirates of the Caribbean. One of these days I’ll recreate that ambiance in my backyard.

    Next would be the lanai of the Tiki Room, the queue of Big Thunder Mountain RR, waiting for the train at New Orleans station or the queue of the Matterhorn.

    Anything that remains from the 60s-70s brings back a wave of memories… so bring back the Peoplemover!

  • Definitely the Star Tours Chime. Also the electrical parade beat….

  • Hearing the voice of Jerry Colonna as the March Hare near the teacups ride — A VERY MERRY UNBIRTHDAY TOO YOU!

  • I liked these sounds better than the other blog because they don’t overlap like they did. Keep up this blog! I love it!

  • I love arriving in Town Square and being able to hear the train bells as they pull into Main Street Station, the shots being fired at the hippos on the Jungle Cruise, and the distant whistle from the Mark Twain on the Rivers of America – all reminding me of previous adventures, and of those coming today!


  • the star tours chimes

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