Capturing Motion at Disneyland Park

I usually take a couple of filters with me when I’m out shooting, one of them being a neutral density (ND) filter. There are a variety of ND filters, but the one I used for this photograph was a ND 400. It was a bright, sunny day at Disneyland park so the 9 f-stop reduction helped me to set the camera for a 30-second exposure and get the effect I was looking for – motion.

Capturing Motion at Disneyland Park

Can you think of any other reasons to use this type of filter?

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  • Awesome shot! I want your job! How did you become a photographer for the disney parks blog!? I want to become one!!!

  • Paul, that was a great shot! Plus, I enjoyed your insight on the use of ND filters. I’m a beginner that just graduated to an SLR, and I’m starting to play with filters a little bit. Disneyland and Disney World have been fantastic learning grounds for me (so many interesting subject matters to choose from!).

  • This is what NOS looked like the week after christmas last year! 🙂

  • I use a graduated ND filter for those horizon shots where I want to capture the skyline without the sky getting blown out. I use this especially at Epcot (which I know is not DL) around the World Showcase.

  • Nice shot Paul!

    Two other examples of uses for ND filters are to blur moving water or and to shoot very long fireworks exposures, sometimes as long as 60-100 seconds.

    • All of your ideas for uses of the ND filter are really great. It’s fun to experiment with the different kinds of ND filters, especially here at the Disney parks.

  • I often use an ND or a variable ND to produce extreme depth of field in daylight. Love being able to set f-stop at 1.2 or 1.4 in bright sun, interesting look.

  • Brian does it matter when he “really took the picture” that’s not really the point of the post, nor does he say when he took it.

    Great picture Paul, I would use the filter on main street maybe at sun down when all the lights are on, or during a parade.

  • Hey you took this over a few months ago because New Orleans this year already had it Christmas stuff up befre Oct 31, and all those strollers means pirates where open but they been closed until Nov 24. So when did you realy take this photo?

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