‘A Christmas Fantasy’ Parade at Disneyland Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

We’re still celebrating the holiday season here at the Disneyland Resort, including daily performances of “A Christmas Fantasy” parade through January 8! This parade has become a holiday tradition at Disneyland park, but changes and additions from time to time keep the magic fresh for our guests. Can you name the elements that are new or different in the parade this year?


  • 1.Duffy the Bear has replaced the opening float
    2.The Ballerina box has been redesigned
    3.There is new snowflake costumes

  • Sam–
    That’s true, but its not a new difference. They haven’t been in the parade for at least two years now.

    They were replaced by Tigger and Pooh (and Eeyore bringing up the rear. 🙂 )

  • Aladdin, Jasmine and the Genie arent in the parade anymore, thats a difference.

  • I see my buddy Victor working as GSO Lead in the video!

  • …Also, the candle on the first float is not static anymore, it has a movement effect.

    I love this parade and I like to pay attention to these small details. 🙂

    • Well done, Fred!

  • In addition to Duffy and the new snowflakes, the music box on the first float has been redesigned.

    Also, the rabbits on Santa’s float now move.

    I think that’s everything new this year.

    I love this parade! 🙂

  • Duffy and the snow flakes are the only things that look new this year.

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