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Shopping in ‘Darth’s Mall’ for Star Wars Weekends 2012 at Walt Disney World Resort

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


A little while ago, I gave you a peek at some Star Wars Weekends merchandise. Today, I have selected a few of my favorite items coming soon to “Darth’s Mall,” a massive shopping location we’re creating just for Star Wars Weekends.

The striking image of Donald Duck as Darth Maul is a common thread throughout the entire assortment. The artwork above will be used on the two main logo shirts. We will also have shirts with images of Darth Maul from Episode I, including a stunning Passholder exclusive shirt in both men’s and women’s styles. I spent hours around the office, however, wearing one of the best shirts this year — a tee shirt with an image of Darth Vader’s chest, complete with a flowing, detachable cape.


Similar to previous years, there will be open and limited-edition pins, boxed pin sets and a framed pin set. I enjoy the humor found in the “Piece of Death Star” pin (there is not an actual piece, but one can dream). I also like the Chewbacca-inspired, bandolier neck lanyard.

In the Vinylmation galaxy, Maria Clapsis designed six new open edition figures that feature Disney characters portraying Star Wars characters. If you are looking for the second limited release mystery series, you will have to wait until August (trust me, it will be worth it!).


There is a beach towel that looks like the legs of a Jedi Knight (awesome!). There will also be an iPhone 4/4S case, with the fitting edition size of 1,999.


One of the more unique items is an oversized bag that contains a special side pocket to carry either a poster tube (or perhaps a lightsaber!). I also thought the six different phrase buttons were a nice addition this year. Yet I can’t wait to get my Star Tours nametag with my name written in Aurebesh, one of the alphabets used in the Star Wars galaxy.

Finally, we will have three unique action figures including Donald Duck playing Darth Maul and Savage Opress, Darth Maul’s powerful brother from the planet of Dathomir. Savage Opress, who was once also Count Dooku’s secret Sith apprentice, is featured in the animated TV series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Also, look for the limited release figure of Rizzo from The Muppets, portraying Jedi Master Yoda.

Sneak Peek at Star Wars Weekends Merchandise Coming to 'Darth Mall' Featuring Action Figures Sneak Peek at Star Wars Weekends Merchandise Coming to 'Darth Mall' Featuring Watches Sneak Peek at Star Wars Weekends Merchandise Coming to 'Darth Mall' Featuring Shirts

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  • Hi Steven!

    I was very surprised to learn that various Droid Factory parts began running out and were out of stock, even before the beginning of the first Star Wars weekend (i.e. no more blue right legs, no more blue Mickey Ears hats, etc). And there does not seem to have been any kind of restock at all. Will these parts ever restock, and if so, when? Or will things that run out just never be replenished in favor of new & different parts on the way?

    Also, the BIGGEST question is this: Is there a hard and firm date that you can say is THE day that the new, unreleased parts (the rest of the domes and the 4 new novelty hats, as on display at Darth’s Mall) will be released/available at the Tatooine Traders? While we’ve been told that they are “coming in August”, it’s not really possible to properly plan a trip to the park from far away without knowing a date. And we really want to be able to build droids using those exciting cool new parts.

    The Droid Factory is really awesome! But it goes from being a fantastic and fun new part of our itinerary, to a disappointing and negative experience really fast if one can’t count on what’s going to be there on any given day. Please shed some light on what’s up. Thanks!

    • @Byron – Thank you for taking the time to write. I’m sorry to hear of your frustrations. I spoke with Brad and Cody about your comment (for those unfamiliar with the Droid Factory, here is a link:

      Brad explained to me that the idea behind Droid Factory is that the experience will be different each time you visit. We will always have the basic parts to build a droid (body, dome, legs, etc.), but the availability of colors and styles will continue to vary. They do get replenished; popular styles will come back and slower styles will switch out for new parts.

      I would invite you to read my responses to comments in the Droid Factory article as other guests had similar questions. Please know that Brad and Cody are thankful for the feedback and will continue to make adjustments as necessary.

      Unfortunately, we do not currently have a firm release date for the additional styles/parts (domes, novelty hats). Based on the current inventory tracking, the new parts should begin rolling into the assortment sometime in August.

      On a side note, the experience has way exceeded our expectations. The fan response has been amazing. I took my son this past Sunday to build some droids and he had a blast. I hope that you will give the Droid Factory another shot in the future.

  • Hi Steven! Thanks for all the great info! I picked up a Rizzo and Savage figure the first weekend and noticed Rizzo was numbered and Savage wasn’t. However, I know that Savage and Donald as Maul are limited editions. Is there any word on how many each of these two figures are being made? Thanks!! – J

    • @Alvin – Unfortunately, we will not have access to that list as availability of items is subject to change. I would invite you, however, to visit the site, specifically these two pages:

      Logo Product:

      Collectibles Product:

      If there is something in particular you are seeking, I would invite you to speak with our Merchandise Guest Services team and we will do our best to accomodate. Some of the items will live on beyond Star Wars Weekends (some pins, Vinylmation, softlines, mugs and more).

      @Jeffrey – I’m glad you were able to attend the event. I was there on Sunday with my son. That’s odd as I bought Savage Opress for my son and saw that it was individually numbered on the back of the packaging. The edition size is 2,012 (and I think my son got 1,573/2,012). The Rizzo figure is limited release and sadly I don’t have access to the total number ordered.

      The Donald Duck as Darth Maul figure is considered a preview figure for Wave 6 (which were also on display at Darth’s Mall). This figure has unique packaging that will be different once it is release as part of Wave 6. Unfortunately, I also do not have a total number being offered. Typically, we don’t publish numbers for open edition / limited release items.

  • For those of us not able to attend SW weekend 2012…can we get a list of items that are available via phone order…and will exclusive items be available after SW weekend is over? Thanks

  • Same question as Kristen. I’ll be at DHS on Thursday, June 14th. Will the Darth’s Mall be open during the week or just on Friday, Saturday and Sunday each week?

    • @Kristen and Frank – Darth’s Mall will only be open during Star Wars Weekends (that is Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

      The Carbon-Freeze Me Experience will be open daily during normal park hours through June 16, 2012.

      The Droid Factory (located in Tatooine Traders) will also be open during normal park hours. It’s a permanent fixture inside the merchandise location.

      You can see a guidemap for Star Wars Weekends by visiting –

      Have a great trip! 🙂

  • Will darth’s mall be open only on SWW or will it be open during the week as well? My fiancé and I will be there may 22-24 and we need to add the star wars vinyls to our collection!!!

  • Will darth’s mall be open only on SWW

  • Hello,
    I can’t make it to Disney World this year…can I order some items (specifically the sculptures!) for mail delivery out of state?


  • Hi Steven! I was wondering if we will be able to purchase the Star Tours nametag after Star Wars Weekends is over. I still have my old “cast member” style red name tag from when you could get them in the parks, and, as a huge Star Wars fan, this would be the perfect compliment to it! Thanks for the great updates!

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  • Steven – Can you tell us anything about the Build a Droid action figures debuting this year? I have seen them on a few Star Wars websites. Will these only be at Tatooine Traders or will they also be at other stores? How many Build a Droid parts will there be? Can you give us a list of all the parts including the hats you can add to the droids? Thanks.

  • I’m looking for the stitch as yoga figure that $65 . Does anyone know if you can preorder this item.

  • Are the new star wars Disney Racers going to be released soon? Any chance they will make it to Disneyland by the 18th?

  • Are those going to be the pins? I was expecting the ones like they’ve been having the past few years.

  • Amazing! Love the pins and the Leia/Minnie Vinylmation

  • Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Please tell me that one of the Planets for the Star Tours nametag is Corellia! That is going to be my first purchase!

    • @Jessica – There will be a throw featuring Donald Duck as Darth Maul that will be part of a purchase with purchase promotion. I first showed the image on the preview article:

      The Vinylmation will be $14.95 each.

      The comic art style watch was designed by Jason Zucker. It has an edition size of 75 and a retail of $200. It will be released at three Disney’s Hollywood Studios locations: Darth’s Mall, Animation Gallery and Once Upon a Time.

      The poster watch was designed by Tyler Dumas. It has a a retail of $75 and will only be offered from May 18-June 10. It will be released at three Disney’s Hollywood Studios locations: Darth’s Mall, Animation Gallery and Once Upon a Time.

      @Ian – The destinations for the nametag include the following:

      Death Star

      The destinations chose are either featured in Star Tours: The Adventures Continue attraction or were shown in the Star Wars films. Too bad there wasn’t “Lando System” (then again, Lando is a man, not a system … 🙂

  • My husband loves Darth Maul, we are sooo excited for this years events. Do you know if they will do a tapestry featuring Darth Duck logo this year? We have ALL the tapestries from SWW. We love them! Also do you know what the prices of the Vinylmation and the watches will run? Every year we come with cash and every year never enough! Thanks for the help and sharing. We can’t wait!!

  • Can’t wait. My family and I will be there for the last two weekends of Star Wars Weekends.

  • ALso asking the question if there is any way to get the merchandise if you can’t attend…. I’m dying for that iPhone case!

  • Kirk, last year they had a big shopping area set-up out the gates next to Rock ‘N Roller Coaster to the right of the entrance to the ride.

  • Steven, Once again Disney merchandise out does itself year after year with the formula Star Wars + Disney = Star Wars Weekends. As in years past any Star Wars Weekends merchandise(i.e. pins, etc) making it’s way to Disneyland? Need A Star Tours nametag. Agree with you, “Steven” would look cool in Aurebesh.

  • where will the “darth mall” be located. The article says “a massive shopping location being created” but where is it being created. Thanks.

    p.s. will light saber toys be available or will one have to go ot downtown disney for that

    • @Julia – Here is some additional information:

      Donald Duck as Savage Opress – Created exclusively for Star Wars Weekends 2012. This figure has an edition size of 2,012 and will be individually numbered. Retail is $12.95

      Donald Duck as Darth Maul – This is a preview figure for Wave 6 of the Disney characters as Star Wars characters. Wave 6 will debut later this fall. This figure is considered a limited release and has a retail of $9.95. It will be presented in different packaging than the figure coming later this year.

      Rizzo as Yoda – This is the ninth figure in the Muppets characters as Star Wars characters series. Rizzo is a limited release figure created for Star Wars Weekends 2012 and will have a retail of $14.95.

      There will be some additional collectible medium figurines. Stay tuned to in the coming weeks for a look.

      @Kirk – Darth’s Mall will be a massive air-conditioned tent located behind Disney’s Rock ‘N Roller Coaster (similar location from last year’s event). The build your own lightsaber experience can also be found in Tatooine Traders located at the exit to Star Tours: The Adventures Continue attraction.

  • Regarding the Donald Duck and Rizzo action figures: are they a limited edition like the Stitch from last year? And the price? Also, will there be any sort of Big Figure or other statue? Thanks for the preview!

  • Steven – you are killing us… of limited edition pins PLEASE!!!

    • @Christopher – We are working on a preview website on featuring select Star Wars Weekends 2012 merchandise. That is coming within the next two weeks or so. Please stay tuned.

      @Megan and Sharon – Unfortunately, these items won’t be offered via our online Disney Parks Store due to current contracts. I spoke with the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Merchandise Guest Services team who said that you may (and I stress “may) be able to order select items at the conclusion of Star Wars Weekends. Since many of the items were created especially for Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the merchandise guest services team does not have a way to obtain them until after the event.

      Their contact information is 1-877-560-6477 or send an email to:

      @Melissa and Christy – You are in luck. See the following sites: – –

  • Will any of the merchandise be available for purchase on line?

  • any pictures on what the limited edition pins or the passholder items will look like? i’m going the 2nd weekend and thats what i am waiting on

  • Will be be able to order any of the merchandise (like the passholder shirt) over the phone? Worried they’ll be gone by the time we get there for the last SWW in June.

  • We cannot be there. Is there any way to order merchandise via phone or online? My son would just love the tshirt!

  • SO cool! “Can’t Wait” level just went up even more! For once in my life, wishing I owned an iPhone, just for the case. Any chance we’ll get a peak of the PH shirt before SWW starts!?

  • Lovin’ it! We can’t wait to be there for the starwarsweekends! Rocks like a good 80’s hair band!

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