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The Voices of Liberty Will Soon Ring Out at Disneyland Park

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

After nearly three decades, the talented 8-part a cappella group The Voices of Liberty continues to “wow” guests at Epcot in Walt Disney World Resort with their amazing harmonies on such American classics as “Ol’ Man River” and “Yankee Doodle.”

Today, I’m pleased to tell you Disneyland park is getting its very own Voices of Liberty, bringing one of the great traditions of Walt Disney World Resort to the Disneyland Resort for the first time. Soon, guests from sea to shining sea will be able to enjoy the impeccable sounds of this beloved group. The new Voices of Liberty will hold court at the Main Street Opera House, also home to The Disneyland Story presenting Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.

For those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of hearing The Voices of Liberty sing, I hope you enjoy this video of the group at Epcot. To truly appreciate The Voices, however, you simply must experience it in person!

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  • exciting, but hopefully they will stay more than the summer

  • This is a very exciting addition for Disneyland. As the longest lasting acapella vocal ensemble in the U.S. Voices of Liberty is a true American treasure known for its musical excellence. Many thanks to the creativity and artistry of Derric Johnson and the singers and to the vision of Walt Disney World Entertainment for 25 + years of this spectacular vocal ensemble, and congratulations to Disneyland for this wonderful addition to your entertainment line-up.

  • Congratulations, West Coast Disney fans. They really are some of the best a Capella singers. I only heard a few songs by them, but to really be there and hear their national anthem is inspiring.

  • This is such great news to hear!! I love the harmony of the arrangements and its always a must to do when I go to EPCOT. So glad we will now get to hear them in Disneyland. Will it be from now on, or is it just for a limited time? Maybe with the Voices of Liberty there in the opera house, more people will be coming into seeing Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. Welcome to Ca Voices of Liberty!!

  • We’re so excited about the Voices of Liberty coming to Disneyland!! Wish they were there now as that’s where we heading today! ;D

  • Shawn, will the voices of liberty permanently be at opera house in disneyland, or are they just staying in disneyland for the summer season and then leaving? because based on one of your responses to another post, it seems as though they are only at disneyland temporarily.

    • That’s right, Cristian, they are expected to be a temporary addition for the summer months.

  • This is fantastic news. Voices of Liberty are always a must see when visiting WDW, and now they will be right here at home !

    Shawn, do you know where in the Playhouse they will be performing? Will they be performing on the stage, or in the pre-show area? The wonderful accustics in the rotunda add so much.

  • Wore out the cassette purchased by listening to it so much.
    (Thankfully, have several c.d.’s from successive trips).

  • Will they be participating in the flag retreat every evening or will the Dapper Dans still be the singers?

  • It’s always great to hear about new entertainment at Disneyland! I’m really looking forward to seeing them perform live.

    When can we expect to see them start their first performance? Any specific dates yet?

    • The Voices of Liberty’s performances at Disneyland start June 15 and will continue through the summer season.

  • This is awesome – we catch as many performances of the VoL as we can when we visit EPCOT. Now we can get our fix at Disneyland, too!

  • This is great news. If there is one thing Disneyland lacks it’s outstanding atmosphere characters. Walt Disney World does it better than any other Disney park and I’ve noticed characters like the Mayor of Main Street and the Pumpkin Princess have vanished over the last few years at DL, sadly. But hearing this news and about the characters that will be surfacing at california adventure, I couldn’t be more excited!!

  • That is marvelous news! I have enjoyed the Voices of Liberty at Epcot for years. I hope that the acoustics in the Opera House will complement their music.

  • This is exciting. Shawn, do you know if they’ll be there by June 1st? We missed them last time in WDW and would love to see them in DL when we are there.

    • Stephen, the Voices of Liberty are scheduled to begin appearing at Disneyland June 15.

  • I am SO ecstatic to read this because I am a huge voices of liberty fan!! I live in so cal near disneyland, and ever since I sang a number of the voices of liberty arrangements in choir, I have always wished that they would be at disneyland. I have seen them at disneyworld and watching them live is an experience that can’t be replicated just by watching them on youtube. I am so excited to FINALLY be able to see them to my heart’s content. When will they start performing here? And are any of the members of the voices of liberty at disneyworld coming to disneyland?

  • This is one of the biggest things I wish came over to the left coast. Thank goodness they’re coming! What a great celebration of a great nation.

  • Wow, I may have to get an annual pass to DL. Finally a reason to go.

    I wonder if any of the current Voices will move to the West Coast to help get things started, and if Derric Johnson will be coming west to serve as the musical director. Any info on this, Shawn?

    • They haven’t made any Casting decisions yet, but I’ll find out.

  • This is awesome news! The Voices are one of my absolute favorite “attractions” at Epcot, and I think it’s great that Disneyland’s Guests will get to experience them as well. I adore a cappella choral music, and the Voices of Liberty have some of the most breathtaking sound and arrangements I’ve ever heard.

  • Wonderful news! I can’t wait.

  • I absolutely love the Voices of Liberty. They are a fantastic group. I always make it a point to visit the American pavilion and listen to them when I’m at Epcot. Plus, the acoustics in the rotunda of that building make for some amazing resonating sounds. Can’t wait to hear them in Disneyland.

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