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Scotland is a New Adventures by Disney Destination

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Just minutes ago, vice president of Adventures by Disney and Disney Parks Blog Author Josh D’Amaro announced some big news – we’re going to Scotland! Beginning in March, adventurers will be able to experience the castles, landscapes and legends of Scotland with, of course, a special Disney touch. This journey will follow the footsteps of the filmmakers who created the Disney•Pixar film “Brave.” Josh has the details:.

And the best part? You can begin booking this trip tomorrow, May 23. Go now to for the details.

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  • Being Scottish, this is great news… come and visit my beautiful little country – but please can you update the map to place the orange dot over Scotland rather than Sweden/Finland! Thanks :o)

  • Fantastic news for us Scottish Disney fans! If anyone is in the Ayrshire area, please come and see the fantastic Dean Castle in the beautiful Dean Country Estate. The Keep, the oldest part of the castle, is around 1000 years old and houses the largest collection of medieval musical instruments in Europe. It’s fantastic having such history in the middle of our town and I’d be delighted to show it to you all! Merida would feel right at home here. 🙂

  • How fantastic! I would love to do this. So beautiful and full of history.

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