New Art ‘Roars’ to Life in Disney California Adventure Park

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Here’s a look at some of the newest releases from Imagineers, artists and car culture enthusiasts making their mark at Disney California Adventure park on June 16. Up first and heading down the track is “Red Car Trolley” from Imagineer and Creative Director of Buena Vista Street, Ray Spencer. I had a minute to catch up with Ray, who admitted to me he was indeed a self-confessed train nut.

'Red Car Trolley' from Imagineer and Creative Director of Buena Vista Street, Ray Spencer

“Having lived with this project for several years,” says Ray, “my goal was to combine the beauty and classic romance of the Red Car Trolley on Buena Vista Street with a nostalgic feel of yesteryear.“

Event Tip: Ray will join artist Noah, June 16 from 9-11 a.m., at Off the Page for a special signing.

Get ready, get set and go for this next group of artists who are no strangers to crossing the finish line. Crazy Al Evans, Max Grundy and Keith Weesner are set to drive these next set of collectible images into your home. These new classics feature Doc Hudson and Lightning McQueen, ready to Dirt Track Rumble, and Ramone, who has clearly shifted gears and set his speed to cruise.

Event Tip: Al, Keith and Max will be at Off the Page at Disney California Adventure park, June 16 from 2–4 p.m.

New Cars Land Art 'Roars' to Life in Disney California Adventure Park New Cars Land Art 'Roars' to Life in Disney California Adventure Park New Cars Land Art 'Roars' to Life in Disney California Adventure Park

I guess you could consider this last piece the finishing touch! Dennis O’Brien from O’Brien Truckers shared the following with me just the other day, giving us a glimpse from start to finish on how the Low n Slow car plaque was created. “The plaque is made of pure aluminum ingot material from a chemically engraved pattern. Each plaque is made using the time-honored sand-casting process, just like plaques made back in the 1950s,” said Dennis. “First we start by pressing sand against the pattern. Next, we pour molten aluminum into the sand model. Once it solidifies, the mold is broken apart, the casting is cut off and the piece is finished off in ‘Ramone’ purple.”

Low n Slow Car Plaque from Dennis O'Brien of O'Brien Truckers

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure I just completed my shopping for my dad for the rest of the year.

Will you be stopping by to see these new pieces June 16?


  • Hi Michelle, I’ve been anxiously awaiting more information on the Storytellers figural piece by Rick Terry. I see that there is an event for the painting by Noah and prices have been listed, but I can’t find any information on the figural piece. Do you know when and what the prices for the limited and unlimited edition will be? Do you have information as to the difference between the two editions? Thanks for all you updates.

  • Hi Michelle; I have a question regarding the new art work for California Adventure I have several pieces by Noah some are even signed I love the new story tellers piece he did with Walt & Mickey and the piece you showcased above by Ray how will this art work be available for guests to purchase? I have a trip planned for Disneyland/California adventure by that’s mid summer will this art work be limited editions? will it be available as deluxe prints? can you purchase these pieces though the theme park 800 number? any help you can give me regarding the new art work would be very appreciated! Thank you and have a wonderful day

    • Hey Anthony! I’m so glad you like these pieces. Aren’t they great? The art will be available to Guests attending the release on June 16th, however I would contact Disney Merchandise Guest Services at 877-560-6477, the Monday following the event (June 18) to inquire about remaining quantities of these pieces, should you wish to purchase any of them. There are a few different formats available for both Ray and Noah’s pieces, including Limited Edition Giclees and Deluxe Prints. Here’s a link for more details on these pieces and the prices.

  • Will these be available to buy online? I would so love to buy my dad the Low n Slow plaque.

    • Hi Shannon, unfortunately it won’t be available to purchase online, but I would recommend contacting the Disney Merchandise Guest Services team after June 15 to inquire about ordering. You can reach them via e-mail at or by calling 1-877-560-6477

  • OMG i love the art work of the 1920’s how much will it be ? that red car tolley looks like roger rabbit from the movie i wonder if they will do the show in the park i cant wait i love the 1920’s

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