Through a Photographer’s Lens: Waterfalls of Disneyland Resort

H2O, agua, eau – no matter how you say it, water plays a big role here at Disneyland Resort – and so do the many waterfalls.
Frog Jump Falls at Grizzly River Run at Disney California Adventure Park
Frog Jump Falls at Grizzly River Run at Disney California Adventure Park
I took these first two photos of Frog Jump Falls at Grizzly River Run in Disney California Adventure park from the bridge on the Grizzly Trail.
Grizzly River Run Attraction and Waterfall at Disney California Adventure Park
I took this photo at about 500 feet above Grizzly River Run, from a helicopter.

Do you have a favorite waterfall at the Disneyland Resort? Let me know which is your favorite in the comments, and it may show up in the next post in this series.


  • Please do the Matterhorn next!! My favorite.

  • Amazing work. Your work is always great, How did you become a photographer at the Disneyland Resort?

  • I miss the waterfalls that used to be at the Disneyland Hotels.

  • We always take a little time to stop and take in the gorgeous waterfall outside the Rainforest Cafe at the entrance to Animal Kingdom. It’s seems so high and it’s a shady spot to get a cool break.

  • This is an obscure one – but I love the little waterfall you pass on your right hand side after the big drop on Splash Mountain. Sometimes it gets you a little wet, but by that point you’re already wet and don’t care! It’s just at the spot where you’re catching your breath after all the excitement.

  • The pictures of Frog Jump Falls are my favorite from this post. They are so sheer they look like a wedding veil.

  • Fantastic shots, Paul! Can we get high-res versions of these? I would love to set the first one as my background on my desktop.

  • Fantastic shots, the one from the heli is quite spectacular. Great promo shot for Grizzly River Run 🙂

  • Great pic. I kind of miss the water falls that used to be at the Disneyland Hotel before they took them out for the remodel. Don’t get me wrong, I like the new pools and slides just fine but miss the old stuff too. We used to like to request a room in what was then the Bonita Towers just to look down from our window to see these

  • Grizzly Rapids has some great falls, love the one on the other side by the DCA parade route before the Blue Sky Cellar.

  • I love the waterfall in DCA that’s just after you walk past the italian restuarnt- it’s on the same side- does that have a name? It reminds me of a spot near Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe.

  • Spectacular! Especially the one from above : )

  • great photos Paul!!! waterfalls are always great to photograph…guess it just gives me another reason to get to California and Disneyland

  • Beautiful picture Paul Hiffmeyer, nice motion capture of the water falls.

  • Beautiful work, as usual Mr. Hiffmeyer!

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