Windward School Students Discover Learning, Disney-Style

No one does a better job bringing magic to education than Disney, and students from the Los Angeles-based Windward School experienced that firsthand this month.

The school won the nationwide “Imagine Big” sweepstakes presented by Scholastic, Inc., with the prize really being two prizes in one. The high school students spent a day at the Disneyland Resort experiencing Disney’s Approach to Leadership and Teamwork, which is part of the Disney Youth Education Series. Following that, our Disney team spent two days on the Windward campus hosting custom creativity workshops for high-school and middle-school students.

As one student said, the workshops provided a “powerful view into the inner workings of one of the most creative and successful corporations in the world and gave us the confidence and creativity to make our crazy ideas come true.”

See the images below or visit the school website for an inside look at the Windward School’s incredible experience.

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