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Sweet! It’s National Cake Day at Walt Disney World Resort

Korri McFann

by , Brand Steward for Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons/Custom Celebrations

Happy National Cake Day! I’m a bit of a cake cheerleader – my theory has always been that it’s somebody’s wedding somewhere so it’s my duty to help them celebrate. I think my fondness for the sweet treat has grown because I’ve seen the behind the scenes love that goes into creating a cake and how the finished product brings people together. It’s really not about the dessert at all – it’s about celebrating a milestone, birthday, promotion or the blending of two families.


In honor of today’s “holiday”, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite masterpieces created by our talented bakery teams. They are truly masters of their craft and have created everything from cupcake towers to over-the-top elaborate statement pieces costing well over $10,000. In fact, the team at Walt Disney World Resort goes through about 19,000 pounds of buttercream frosting and 1,200 quarts of fruit puree every year!

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