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Disneyland from Walt’s View

A few months ago, I had a special opportunity to photograph Walt Disney’s apartment located above the Main Street Fire Station for the Disneyland archive. I know many guests have stood on Main Street, U.S.A., and looked up at the apartment window to see that the lamp has been left on in Walt’s memory. Today, in honor of Walt’s birthday, I’d like to share one of my favorite photos taken that day – showing the view as he would have seen it, looking out that very window.



  • Do a Google search for “Walt’s Apartment” – there’s a website…

  • Wonderful! Where can I find more photos of Walt’s apartment?

  • Disneyland and I were “born” in the same year and I don’t think I’ve missed a year since. Happy Birthday, Walt. And thanks for everything.

  • I have been coming to Disneyland since I was 2 years old, and it was always the one place I dreamed of working. I was blessed to have that opportunity for almost 2 years until health issues got the best of me and I had to leave. The one thing I got to do was see Walt’s Apartment one time – and I will never forget it. Just to be in the space where he had been, such a genius! I was so proud to represent his vision to all the people who visit. I know he looks down on what’s been done with everything and is so happy to see young & old still enjoying his park! Thank you for the beautiful picture!

  • Walt Disney was one of the most forward thinking people ever. thank goodness he also had the ambition and drive to make Walt Disney World and all the Disney parks, resorts, cruiselines, and attractions across the world materialize. one person who made a significant impact on us us in many, many very positive ways. thanks Walt. xo <3 (:

  • Most definitely one of my favorite places in the park, a huge career highlight for me was to be in charge of the complete “restoration” of Walt’s apartment in preparation of the parks 50th anniversary celebration. I worked closely with Kim Irvine to “restore” all of the interior finishes and furniture back to as close as possible to its original pre 1967 appearance, Kim even allowed me to design the new tile layout in the bathroom. In order to do all the work I had to photograph and inventory every single item in the apartment, box it up and have it stored in an offsite climate controlled facility with 24 hour security and once all the work was completed everything was brought back inventoried and placed back in its exact location.

  • I had the opportunity to tour the apartment twice now. It was really neat to see all of the decor from the Era. My Great Grandma had many of the same/similar items (who later passed them on to my mom). I told my kids this morning about Walt’s birthday today and they wanted to make him a cake. Originally I wondered why “Saving Mr. Banks” was not realeased today. Last night I was able to attend an advanced screening and I realized that the movie is not about Walt. Sure there is an amazing glance at a portion of his life but the movie is so much more. I can’t wait to see it again. Happy Birthday Walt!!!!!!!

  • Thanks for sharing. Walt’s dream became reality.

    Happy birthday Mr. Disney

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