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A ‘Hollywood’ Classic: The Studios’ First Guide Map

Nate Rasmussen

by , Librarian, Walt Disney Archives

Disney’s Hollywood Studios sure has evolved over the last 25 years – and not only in name.


I thought it might be fun to take a look back at how much the guide map has changed. Here’s a look at the original park map and today’s map.


Sunset Blvd, Pixar Place, and Lights, Motors, Action Extreme Stunt Show are just a few of the changes the park’s seen over the years. Wonder what’s in store for Disney’s Hollywood Studios over the next 25 years?


  • “Wonder what’s in store for Disney’s Hollywood Studios over the next 25 years?”

    Three words (I hope): Star Wars Land

  • It is pretty funny to see how few attractions there were in the Studios in the early years. I remember people referring to it as a “half-day” park.

  • I hope cars land!

  • The Hidden Mickey wasn’t just on the map, it was realy there. Probably the largest Hidden Mickey ever made. They haven’t kept it up, but parts are still there, like Mickey’s eyes, and one ear is Echo Lake. In the last satellite picture I’ve seen, the ear on top of the Brown Derby hasn’t been kept up, and there’s a big hat in the middle of his nose.

  • The hidden Mickey Is STILL kind of there in the new one though..

  • It was really great to walk through the Production Center when things were actually filming. I still have my original map, I enjoy the new “Studios” but have so much love for the old Studios complete with artist drawing live, the backlot tour with more props and of course, my favorite – the Golden Girls’ house. Thanks Disney for all the good memories.

  • Do you see the Hidden Mickey in the Original? I always loved that!

  • 25 years it was shaped like a giant Hidden Mickey !

  • I wonder how many guests realize that there is a giant Hidden Mickey on that original guide map. If you turn it upside down- it’s right in the center! I always thought that was cool.

  • I miss the hidden Mickey from the old map….

    • I did a story awhile ago that included an actual picture of that hidden Mickey. You can see it here:

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