First Look at La Mascarade d’Orleans at Disneyland Park

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

If you’ve visited New Orleans Square in Disneyland park lately, it’s no secret that significant enhancements are underway. Here’s your first look at some of the authentic, eclectic and jazzy new merchandise that will find its home inside the quaint La Mascarade d’Orleans at 28 Orleans Street when it reopens later this month.

This newly reimagined location exudes old Southern charm with an antique feel, giving you an essence of shops in the French Quarter in New Orleans, rich in its storytelling, from the fixtures that display the merchandise to the actual items that will be carried. The charm of this shop is that the merchandise feels as if it was hand-selected just for you, from places around the world.


Parlez-vous Francais? Some of the merchandise you will find at La Mascarade d’Orleans feels a little French in flavor. If you are looking for vintage-inspired apparel with a little bit of a French flair or elegant curios filled with accessories such as hats, beautiful scarves, jeweled headbands and timeless jewelry from Tarina Tarantino, among others, you have come to the right place. If you find yourself looking to accent your French chateau with home décor treasures, the boutique will also offer frames, votive candles, dishes, colorful glassware, kitchen linens as well as wooden signs with Parisian phrases.

First Look at La Mascarade d’Orleans at Disneyland Park First Look at La Mascarade d’Orleans at Disneyland Park First Look at La Mascarade d’Orleans at Disneyland Park

While you will find the iconic Fleur-de-lis on an array of merchandise, there are a few more things worth mentioning, like the introduction of soaps, sprays and fragrances from luxurious and notable brands like Durance, Historiae and Le Blanc, which are made in France.

First Look at La Mascarade d’Orleans at Disneyland Park First Look at La Mascarade d’Orleans at Disneyland Park

This quintessential location surely sets the tone for the New Orleans Square area and not just because of the jazzy music it offers.


When I say there’s a little a little something for everyone in this location, I mean it. So stroll in when it re-opens just a couple of weeks from now.


  • I was there yesterday and it still hadn’t opened. Am very much looking forward to it!

  • Hi,

    What date specifically will this open?


  • Oh Michelle, it’s bringing back memories of the “One of a Kind Shoppe” Of which I still have a couple items from a family visit, on my 1st visit back in 1976. Very excited to see the new shop.

  • Will they be selling music from the Disney musicians? There have been so many wonderful acts such as the Royal Street Bachelors, Jumbalaya Jazz Band, the Bootstrappers, and Ernie McLean. I really miss Mr. McLean’s presence. I would sit on the bench with my daughters or by myself, and listen to him play. I recall speaking with him once and he said he was supposed to record some music that might be for sale later. I wonder if that ever got done.

  • My wife, Nicole and I can’t hardly wait to see the new store and especially the new merchandise. We’ve noticed and appreciated the recent merchandise changes at Disneyland. It is a nice mixture of Land/Specific merchandise and other non-Disney related items. Both can exist harmoniously together… because, you know… it’s a small world after all.

    • Hi Eric! I really like the mixture of the land specific/themed merchandise as well. Personally for me, I love how it tells a larger story.

  • This is very exciting news. We need more location specific merchandise at the Parks and these photos show just that. Really looking forward to seeing what they will have and am especially excited to see what looks like Jass music available for sale! And did I read the word hats? I love hats 🙂

    • Hi Irene! You did read hats. Wait until you see them. I hope you are as excited about this location as I am. The mix of merchandise is really something to see.

  • The macaron trinket box is so adorable! I think I need to make the trip out to Disneyland just to pick one up.

    • I think that’s a great idea!

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