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Join the Story with ‘Legends of Frontierland: Gold Rush!’ at Disneyland Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

The struggle between the folks of Frontierland and Rainbow Ridge has been unfolding in “Legends of Frontierland: Gold Rush!” for a few weeks now in Disneyland park, so my fellow Disney Parks Blog author, Tyler Slater, and I recently headed out to join the story ourselves. As Eagle Eye Erin, I was drawn toward the exciting people of Rainbow Ridge, but my more kind-hearted counterpart, Two Bit Tyler, joined the side of Frontierland. And he accused me of spyin’ – if you can believe it! See for yourself …

Rainbow Ridge, the gold town that sits in the shadows of Big Thunder Mountain, has begun to dry up. The way the folks of Rainbow Ridge see it, why go west and build a whole new town when there is a perfectly good town right here in Frontierland? The goal of “Legends of Frontierland: Gold Rush!” is to buy land for your town – keep it for Frontierland or snag it up for Rainbow Ridge. You do this with “bits” and you earn bits by picking up jobs in town or making it on your own. The citizens with the most land at the end of the day win the town!

Have you joined “Legends of Frontierland: Gold Rush!” at Disneyland park? What is your story? Tell us in the comments, and support your townsfolk with the hashtags #MyFrontierland and #MyRainbowRidge!


  • So glad you’re a fellow Rainbow Ridger Erin 😀

    Those Frontierland scum aren’t sharing their resources with us since ours dried up. Rude! 🙂

    • I completely agree, Jason. Rainbow Ridge!

  • Hi Christina! You can pick up your name tag at the Trading Post (outside on the right as you enter Frontierland where the land map is). Talk with the cast members there and then choose a side. They may direct you to the telegraph office (located near the Golden Horseshoe) where you can find tasks to do (jobs). Really interact with the cast members and those who are playing the same faction as you. Do not be afraid to be silly and go outside your comfort zone. Interaction is the key to gaining bits. You use the bits to buy land for your side. At the end of the day, the side with the most land wins the day.

  • I am still really confused how this works and how one gets involved. The teasers are intriguing and as an AP who lives a few miles away, I might be interested in playing with my 3 year old, if I could just figure out how. Do I check in at City Hall? Do I register online? Instructions on how this works would be great.

    • Robert is right – just head to Frontierland, choose your name and jump in! The best way to get started is to ask for a job and just start playing along with the cast members and guests.


    • Rainbow Ridge!!

  • Eagle Eye, as far as I’m concerned, ain’t no better place for you than the hoosegow!

    You made your choice to align with those ruffians on Rainbow Ridge, and you will deal with the consequences.

    But you did win the drinking game, so I guess you ain’t all bad.

    Go Frontierland!

  • I have had an absolutely amazing time playing Legends of Frontierland. Checked it out on the first day, playing as #MyFrontierland – and have been a proud Frontierland citizen every time I visit.

    Overall, what I love most about the experience, is that I get to create different experiences for other guests, and interact with them in different ways. In addition to the daily stuff (gathering and delivering telegrams, arresting citizens, and buying land) – I can also send out telegrams, calling for other players to tell things to the characters – or modifying the daily story.

    Interacting with the characters and cast is the best part of Legends of Frontierland. Once you play a couple of times, the characters get to know you – and give you more difficult tasks – or have you come up with your own.

    My favorite story is how we got the Frontierland flag on the Mark Twain, which involved a petition, getting the flag from one of the characters, and working with Mark Twain cast members to find a location. We then got a whole group of Frontierlanders on the Mark Twain. However, those pesky Rainbow Ridgers ended up challenging us in front of the Golden Horseshoe. We lost, so RR got their flag on the Mark Twain for the rest of the day! I just got a ‘hero chip’ yesterday, for the crazy shenanigans I’ve gotten into.

    Overall, it’s an amazing experience. Highly recommended for anyone to check it out and play just for the day, or work on the long-game and try to keep control of the buildings in Frontierland!

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