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Another Look at PANDORA Jewelry Coming to Disney Parks in November 2014

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


Today, I’m thrilled to share a new image featuring PANDORA Jewelry created especially for Disney Parks. Coming this November, PANDORA’s Disney jewelry collection features hand-finished .925 sterling silver and 14K gold charms inspired by some of Disney’s most beloved characters.

The image above showcases the new sterling silver Disney Parks “Wonderful World” bracelet, which features PANDORA’s unique threading system and a ball clasp engraved with our castle logo.

The bracelets are styled with some of the previously discussed charms, including the sterling silver Walt Disney World Resort destination charm, which is hand-finished with flush-set cubic zirconia star detail. You can also see the “Mickey Mania” charm, a sterling silver openwork Mickey charm with red, light yellow, black and white enamel.

Newly pictured charms include the aptly named “Mickey Swirls,” which is an openwork sterling silver charm with a Disney Mickey icon swirl design. There is also a beautiful dated sterling silver and blue enamel 2015 Edition charm (blue is my favorite color!), with 18 cubic zirconia stones bead-set in star and Mickey details.

I particularly like the Mickey’s Sorcerer’s Hat dangle in sterling silver with blue enamel, as it reminds me of one of my favorite Disney films, “Fantasia.” You may also notice a specially designed sterling silver charm featuring a Disney Cruise Line ship (I really need to take another Disney cruise).

Select merchandise locations at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts will release the 16 Disney Parks-specific PANDORA Jewelry items beginning November 3. You will also find select items on our Disney Parks online store on that day at

Guests can also find an additional 25 charm designs from the Disney jewelry collection at PANDORA stores throughout North America, starting October 31.

Stay tuned for additional details about a special release party that will be held on November 7-8 in Cherry Tree Lane in the Marketplace Co-Op at Downtown Disney Marketplace in Florida.


  • Hello,

    I will be at WDW from april 6 to april 14 can you tell me if Disney Pandora will be available ? And where we buy it. I hope so because I’m from Canada and I don’t know when I will return to WDW.

    Thank your answer

  • Any up dates as to when Disney Pandora will be available again?

  • I will be arriving on Jan 10, 2015. Are they still in stock? The online stock is out, would love to take a look at these.

  • Hi Steven,

    Will there be PANDORA pieces for the rundisney races like Tinkerbell? I see PANDORA is a title sponsor of that event.

    If there will be pieces for Tinkerbell, how do I get them?

    Thank you,

    • @Tiffany – That’s a great question. I’d have to ask the team. I don’t recall seeing anything at this point. I know everyone has been focused on the launch of the new Disney Collection. If there was something, I’d probably share on the Disney Parks Blog at a future date 🙂

  • Are they selling the charms and bracelets at the Co-op now?

  • Hi, Steven! My next trip to WDW will be in march next year. Will they still available? Thank you!!

    • @Mariana – We plan to continue offering the Disney Parks Collection by PANDORA for a long time. So yes, they should be here in March. Of course, you can find select items now online at:

  • Can I get more information about the release party on the 7th? What time will it start?

  • I am still get in high spirit when I think of Mickey & Friends. Disney Charms are fantastic idea. I really wanna have them.
    Always living as an adult is not easy for me, and remind of childhood make cheer me up. I think they would make me keep smile dreamed picnic to the Disney Land with parents years ago.

    Expecting them!!

  • What in Disney World will you be able to find these? We’ll be there in a few weeks and would love to pick some up.

    • @Jennifer – The Disney Parks Collection by PANDORA is being carried in about 30 different locations. I would check some of the bigger locations first such as World of Disney or Cherry Tree Lane in Downtown Disney Marketplace, Mouse Gear at Epcot, Uptown Jewelers in Magic Kingdom, etc. to find the full assortment. We are carrying the Disney Parks charms, other Disney charms and a few other PANDORA charms.

  • So excited to see Disney Pandora charms. We are doing a Disney Cruise in October 2015 and i so want a Disney cruise Ship Charm, I do not want to miss out. Should we buy it early or will they still be available on the Disney Cruise Ships even when we sail? A sometimes Pandora have a limited time for there charms.

  • Can you only buy the bracelet with the castle closure at Disney Parks?

    • @Becky – That is correct.

  • I am soooo excited. And, going to be sooo broke. Lol

  • I am so excited that this line is coming out. What time will you be unveiling them in Downtown Disney on 11/7 ? Thank you

  • I would love a charm to commemorate our visit to Disneyland Paris. Do you know if they will have one for all of the parks?

    • @Kim – At this point, I’ve not seen such development.

  • What is the price range going to run?

  • Thanks for the update Steven!I’ve been following through ever since the Pandora partnership was announced. I’ll be up in Orlando around Nov 15 and I’m definitely looking to treat a special princess with a gift.
    First off, where should I go to check out the jewelry at the WDW resort? Is there any discount for annual pass-holders? DO you know if by any chance there will be any Little Mermaid themed charm?
    I’m all too curious for details and just as much excited, thanks

  • Hi steven! Not sure if this has been answered, will they the charms on the Cruiseline?

    • @Natalie – Yes, the PANDORA Jewelry items will be carried on the Disney Cruise Line. Look for things in early November.

  • Just my luck, I’m leaving on the 2nd! Any chance they’ll at least be on preview anywhere?

    • @Mara – From my understanding, the items won’t be set until November 3 in select locations at Disney Parks. You may also find them online starting November 3 at

  • Can they be bought online and shipped to UK please?

    • @Paula – International shipping will be available via the Disney Parks online store. Please visit the “Shipping Information” link under “Guest Services” link toward the bottom right side of the page listed below to read more about shipping options:

  • Going to be at WDW Nov 9!!! Can’t wait to buy some of them for my Pandora bracelet! So excited for this!!

    • @Julie – I hope you have a wonderful trip!

  • I am so excited for these and I will be going to my local Pandora store on Halloween to get some!

    • @Meghan – Sounds like the perfect Halloween treat! 🙂

  • These look great, the blue and silver wortk well together. Are cast eligible for a discount on these items?

    • @Paul – Normal Cast Member discounts will apply.

  • you have said that some pandora stores in north america will be selling them, do you know if any stores in the uk will be? x

    • @Ann – I’ve not heard that the PANDORA Jewelry stores in the UK will carry these items. I know they are being introduced at stores in North America first. They will be found at Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort and the Disney Parks online store –

  • Love!!I can buy at site? I live in Brazil

  • Will we be able to purchase these from the US and get them shipped to the UK?

    • @Debra – Yes, international shipping will be available via the Disney Parks online store. I invite you to click on the “Shipping Information” link under “Guest Services” toward the bottom right side of the page listed below to learn more about international shipping:

  • I’ll be there on release day, so I’ll have to check it out! I wish I knew the prices … probably not within my budget, but it will still be really nice to see what everything looks like in person.

    • @Sarah – I’m glad to hear! Retails for charms vary based on the complexity and features. They are comparable to current retails of PANDORA Jewelry items.

  • Hi Steve…
    I was wondering if the Aulani Charm will be available through DisneyStore or Disney Merchandise??? My daughter was married there and we had a wonderful time and I would love to add that charm to my collection but don’t see myself traveling to Hawaii anytime soon…
    I am so excited for the new charms and the “Disney” Bracelet!!!
    Thanks so much,

  • When will be see them on Disney Cruise Line?

    • @Sandra – The jewelry team said the Disney Collection by PANDORA Jewelry will be coming to Disney Cruise Line in early November.

  • LOVE them! Cant wait to add to my collection! Will they be available on the Disney Dream in January???

    • @Anonymous – Disney Cruise Line will carry the Disney Parks-specific items starting in early November. The ships will also have the specially designed charm pictured in this story.

  • Will the charms that are “resort only” be available at Aulani?

    • @Terri – Great news! Yes, Aulani will have the Disney Parks-specific items including a specially designed charm for Aulani. Look for them in early November.

  • Will these be available in the Disney Store in the UK?

    • @Gavin – At this point, I don’t believe there are plans for Disney Stores to carry these items.

  • My mom and I are going to be at WDW in December for Christmas and she’d love this – any suggestions on how I can surprise her with this?

    • @Annie – For starters, make sure she doesn’t read this article 🙂 One option may be to purchase these items from the Disney Parks online store –

      The online store will have the Disney Parks specific charms as well as others from the Disney collection starting November 3. By ordering online, the items can be shipped directly to your home.

  • Hi Steven – are you able to confirm if Summer Lace in the Grand Floridian will be selling the special castle bracelet and Disney Parks exclusive charms starting on Nov. 3rd? I just happen to be checking into the Flordian that day and want to start my bracelet as my souvenir for this trip. I don’t have any Pandora jewelry yet, so I was hoping to get the special castle bracelet and 2 or 3 of the parks exclusive charms as my starter set, a little pre-holiday gift to myself. I’d prefer to shop at my resort hotel rather than other locations if possible. Thanks! 🙂

    • @Dana – Summer Lace at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa will have the PANDORA Jewelry. Yet the shop won’t receive items until November 5 (dates are subject to change without notice). If you wanted them on November 3, I would suggest visiting other bigger locations like Uptown Jewelers at Magic Kingdom Park, Mousegear in Epcot or World of Disney in Downtown Disney Marketplace.

  • These are great! Do you know if they will fit with my Chamilia bracelet and other Chamilia charms? or do I have to purchase a Pandora bracelet?

    • @Kate – They will fit on Chamilia bracelet. We are launching a unique Disney Parks bracelet for PANDORA Jewelry which is something we never did with Chamilia.

  • I feel like a new collection is coming on!

  • What good fortune….I will just happen to be at WDW in November for the release party. Can’t wait for more details!!!

    • @Tricia – Aces! We knew you would be here 🙂 I hope you have a fun trip.

  • So excited for this line! I already collect the Chamilia charms and these look absolutely beautiful. Can’t wait to add to my charm collection!

  • I’m too excited to speak and even write!
    These are beautiful and fantastic and are on my Christmas wish list, thank you so much for sharing!

    Best regards,

    • @Jackie – Just wait until you see them in person. So lovely!

  • I’m still working on my Chamilia Disney bracelet! I’ll be arriving at WDW on Nov 1 for a week. Will there still be any Chamilia charms on property? I know some of the Pandora charms might fit, but I really prefer to keep to Chamilia and when the bracelet is done, then start a Pandora one. Please respond in regards to Chamilia charm availability on WDW property as of Nov. 1. Thanks!

    • @Lori – You may still find a handful of Chamilia items in select locations at Walt Disney World (I would try the bigger locations first). I know the team is looking forward to introducing the new PANDORA Jewelry at Disney Parks. I hope you have a great trip.

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