Bringing New Magic to Matterhorn Bobsleds and Peter Pan’s Flight at Disneyland Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

UPDATE 5/1/15: Matterhorn Bobsleds will reopen to Disneyland park guests on May 22; Peter Pan’s Flight will reopen July 1.

Here at Disney Parks, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to enhance our storytelling. For example, updating beloved classics allows us to – if I may quote Walt Disney – “keep molding and shaping” the guest experience. As we look forward to celebrating the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration, we also have exciting changes coming to two of our classic attractions this spring year.

Bringing New Magic to Matterhorn Bobsleds at Disneyland Park, Image Courtesy of Walt Disney Imagineering

First, a Disneyland park favorite is about to get even better as new effects are being added to Matterhorn Bobsleds. Just wait until you see the Abominable Snowman in ways you’ve never seen him before when the attraction reopens in May!

Bringing New Magic to Peter Pan’s Flight at Disneyland Park, Image Courtesy of Walt Disney Imagineering

Also reopening in May Reopening in July is Peter Pan’s Flight, featuring a reimagined nursery scene and a variety of special effects that will make this classic and beloved attraction come to life in new ways.

We’re always looking for ways to add new magic to our Disneyland Resort attractions, and of course we’ll continue to share the details with you here on the Disney Parks Blog.


  • We bought AP for the first time this year and a lot of rides have been closed almost every trip we have taken. We live in the SF Bay Area, so it’s a trek down. At one point on our last trip, SM was closed, as well as Matterhorn, BTM, and Splash 🙁

  • My apologies, I’m asking in reference to the new updates for the Matterhorn Ride. Thank you!!

  • Erin Glover!!!! I have to know…is the sound byte of Jack Wagner that tells passengers to “remain seated please and permanecer sentados pro favor” on the ride still in use? Please tell me that was left untouched! Thank you!

  • I agree with the comments that the Matterhorn ride is now very uncomfortable for people who are tall at least. The old sleds were good. I lost one of my very favorite rides. If they keep this up, they will have to start lowering ticket prices!

  • Why is PP taking so long?

  • I understand attractions getting delayed but 6 extra weeks really??
    I honestly have to say that Disney needs to get its act together.

    They should not be promoting something so that guest book trips and then once they get enough bookings they go ahead and delay project. #frustrated

  • No fast pass for Pan. Fast pass just ends up artificially increasing wait times. Case in point, Toy Story Midway Mania in DCA vs. Hollywood Studios.

  • The Disneyland Resort calendar does not yet show the extended refurbishment schedule for Peter Pan’s Flight.

  • Ways I’ve never seen the Abominable Snowman before? Or just never seen unless I’ve been on Expedition Everest?

  • I concur with the comments regarding the new bobsleds, they are very uncomfortable at best and downright painful at various points down the mountain. I hope they don’t change the tracks, but improve the vehicles to be less jolting.

    And I worry that when rides are “improved”, they often are changed to be more politically correct with current attitudes. The replica guns disappeared from the fort towers, then Fort Wilderness became history, pirates no longer pursue damsels, etc. I worry that Peter Pan might suffer the same fate. I hope not, as it’s a classic that should not be tinkered with.

  • They really need to bring back the old bobsleds on Matterhorn. That is the update they really need to have for that ride, before they change the Abominable Snowman. I used to love that ride a lot until they brought these uncomfortable seats in that make it hard for a 6’1″ guy like me to fit in. Looking forward to the new Peter Pan changes and the special effects.

  • What I would like to know is Disneyland considering or even thinking of making Peter Pan a fast pass ride? It is the most popular ride in Fantasyland and you often spend a good chunk of time in the que. Making a fastpass available would free people up to go on some of the other rides in and around Fantasyland. Seems like a good idea to me.

  • Wow!!! It looks so good. Are any other attractions such as the older rides in Disneyland going to be remodeled? Do you know if there will be any new rides or attractions at Disneyland Resort such as a New Fantasyland? (fingers crossed)

  • After looking at the artist concept drawing for Peter Pan’s Flight, I would be heartbroken if they removed the animatronics of Wendy, John & Michael in the nursery & replaced them with projections or new animatronics of them.

  • I was in WDW in February for a runDisney event and experienced the modifications made to Peter Pan’s Flight! If the changes in Disneyland Magic Kingdom include anything even similar to WDW the new magic is unbelievable and completely enhanced the experience. Even without changes, Peter Pan’s Flight is beyond magical!

  • I have to say, I agree with Wayne! I LOVE the Matterhorn, and the fact that it is exclusive to Disneyland. I am excited to see the enhancements! Please do pass along that the new bobsleds are indeed extremely uncomfortable and very difficult to get in and out of! I am younger and have no mobility concerns… I can’t imagine it not being challenging for anyone with any type of ambulatory issues not having difficulties getting in and out of the bobsleds. At the VERY least, additional seat padding is needed. Thanks for listening and your updates are always appreciated and enjoyed!

  • If facing the Matterhorn lodge, the left side track has always been more bumpy than the right side track. The Matterhorn right side track has been my lifelong FAVORITE ride. But, the new cars are painful and I hope, hope, hope they replace them as soon as possible. We visited August 2014 and I road both sides several times, trying to determine if I was just being resistant to change or if the new cars really were painful and changing the experience of the ride. Since I’ve ridden this ride for 40 years or so, I know it doesn’t need to feel like this. I love the concept of the Matterhorn, careening down a snowy mountain in a bobsled! I love that it’s not smooth, but those new cars gotta go…..

  • Erin–Will there be an update soon on the disquieting metamorphosis that is taking place in the Haunted Mansion? 🙂

  • Very much looking forward to these new ride elements in both attractions…just REALLY wished they would’ve done something about the harsh discomfort of the Matterhorn. The track and ride vehicles make it the most painful and unpleasant theme park ride I’ve ever experienced.

  • I loved the update to the Alice ride. I can’t wait to see the new Peter Pan.

  • Peter Pan is my favourite fairytale and Disney movie so I’m absolutely thrilled you’re updating it. It’s a timeless classic and it’s proven by how even though how old it is, it still remains one of the most popular Disney rides today.

    Also excited to see the new abominable snowman.

  • Here’s hoping that the tech in the new Abominable Snowman makes its was east to Animal Kingdom for the “disco Yeti.”

  • Rumor is that Peter Pan is receiving a similar update as the Alice in Wonderland ride where they will use actual cartoon scenes from the movie integrated with they physical props. Rumor also has it that they want to do that to all of the dark rides.

  • When we were there on March 10th and rode the monorail. You can see down into the Matterhorn (over the closed off fencing around the perimeter) and a lot of the track had been removed. Not sure exactly what that means but that is what we could clearly see.

  • I am so bummed. 🙁 My family and I go to Disneyland in 8 days for the first, and probably last time. I was most excited about going on the Peter Pan ride in Disneyland for its long held nostalgia from all Disneyland goers. Bummer.
    I saw something somewhere about updates for the Peter Pan ride I just wasn’t sure which location that was for. They look like they’re going to be super neat though with the interactive shadows.

  • The Matterhorn track is the same, as a few have said it’s the new cars. They need more padding. While I prefer them to the old cars they are a bit uncomfortable. (I don’t miss the old slow loading ones though for sure)

    That being said I can’t wait until we get to see the new upgrades to both rides and hope the rest of the Fantasyland dark rides get plussed up as well for the 60th. 😀

  • I agree with Wayne. It’s not the track of the Matterhorn that’s the problem. It’s those new cars. They are really uncomfortable (and I’m not even that tall) and I hardly ever go on anymore since it’s gone from a wild ride to a painful experience.

  • OMG this is the best news I’ve heard in a while! I’m so excited for our September trip!

  • Will they both be ready and open by the May 22nd ?

    • I don’t have a specific date to share just yet, Jorge.

  • cant wait till May to see the reveal=D

  • While I’m guessing DLR’s Peter Pan will be getting a similar makeover to what WDW’s ride queue got, that concept art does look a bit new–
    Are the changes the same “nursery” changes to the queue-line, or in the ride scene itself? (Projections of Tink and Peter’s shadow, I’m guessing.)

  • The new versions of the characters seen in these concept arts will be animatronic figures, right? Just checking.

  • Peter Pans Flight has long been our fav, and our first go to of the day. Can. Not. Wait. For the big reveal! °o°

  • I love to see newly Imagined experiences!
    I bet it would be fun to create these new and exciting scenes!

  • What they need to Bobsleds on the Matterhorn. Those cars are the worst idea ever had by an Imagineer. That is now the most uncomfortable ride in the park. Used to love riding it now we avoid it at all cost.

  • Can’t wait to see this on both rides….. Skeptical about PP though. It was a great ride and obviously one of the most popular in the Magic Kingdom since it always has the longest wait time no matter when it’s open.

  • Is that the concept art for what the yeti is going to look like in the Matterhorn?

    • Yes, this is an artist’s rendering of what the Abominable Snowman will look like when the Matterhorn Bobsleds reopens.

  • Excellent! Love the Matterhorn. Really looking forward to the enhancements.

    And I know some don’t like the bumpy ride, but I think that really gives it more appeal. After all, you’re riding down a rocky, snowy mountain.

  • Awesome! For a long time I’ve been hoping that the Abominable Snowman would get an update. I have to agree with Tony though, the track is too bumpy.
    And I’m really looking forward to the enhancements to Peter Pan’s Fight. That concpet art is very intriguing.

  • Oh great…. even longer lines for Peter Pan! (But really though I am excited to see the upgrades!)

  • Will there be a new track on the Matterhorn?! It’s just TOO bumpy!

  • Thank you for confirming both of these old rumors. Hopefully there will be more information soon, as the legal-approved language used here was very vague.

  • Aaannd… my inner nine-year-old just jumped twenty feet into the air. Twice.

    • I know what you mean 🙂

  • Can’t wait! So excited!

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