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Every Role a Starring Role – Walt Disney Travel Company Reservation Agent for the Disneyland Resort

Kevin Rafferty, Jr.

by , Communications, WDI

In this “Every Role a Starring Role,” cast member John Gassman helps guests and travel agents book vacation packages to the Disneyland Resort. As the first visually impaired cast member at the Walt Disney Travel Company, John’s method of booking reservations and helping guests with their vacation needs truly amazed me. Check it out for yourself!


  • John has my dream job! 🙂 Some day I hope to be able to plan more than ou trips and all my friends’ trips! Continue making magic, John!

  • Wow John, you are quite the inspiration! I wish I could work for Disney someday!

  • The computer system speaks so fast. He let me listen to it once and it was difficult for me to understand. John is such a great cast member and is great at guest service!

  • John is very impressive – to be able to listen with one ear to the guest and the other to the computer and process it seamlessly! Lots of active brain cells at work. Kudos to him, the incredible engineers who created the technology and Disney for realizing people with challenges can be fantastic employees if given the appropriate tools.

  • This is a really inspiring story! Congratulations John on making your dream of working for Disney come true!!! Keep up the great work!!!

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