runDisney Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Outfit Inspiration

Aubrey Gravante

by , Public Relations Director, Disney Parks

Runners are ready to feel the Force during the runDisney Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend, January 14–17 at Disneyland Resort in California. Through physical training and by watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens, now playing in theaters, runners are prepared to choose their destiny!

We are excited our Star Wars friends, Matt Martin and Cole Horton, will be joining us for this galactic weekend. Matt manages digital content and community relations at Lucasfilm and Cole is a Star Wars contributor as well as author to Star Wars-related books. Not only will Matt be participating in his first 5K ever, the Star Wars 5K, and Cole running the Star Wars Rebel Challenge, they will also join the Speaker Series during the runDisney Health & Fitness Expo located at Disneyland Hotel Exhibit Hall. To follow the path to the light side, we created Star Wars-inspired looks for them to wear during their journey.

Matt will be sporting the popular new droid in the galaxy, skittish astromech BB-8, in an outfit inspired by New Balance and Champion.

Cole will channel his inner R2-D2, who may be a skilled starship mechanic and fighter pilot’s assistant, but he is also known for his great bravery.

My favorite new character in the Star Wars universe is Rey. I plan to channel the mysterious power of the force for the Rebel Challenge during Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend!


Check out Matt and Cole’s Speaker Series session to hear their speaker series about “Running Through The Galaxy.” runDisney will be live tweeting “Running Through The Galaxy” on Thursday, January 14 at 12:00 PM!

Good luck to all participants during Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend. Follow @runDisney on Twitter and Instagram to join the galactic fun. Show us your Force-inspired style using the hashtag #StarWarsHalf throughout the weekend!

For an updated version of our outfit policy at runDisney events please visit here!


  • Aubrey,
    I think you did a great job on coordinating the outfits. I didnt make it to California this weekend for the race but have lots of friends who flew all the way from Florida to do it.
    I’ll definitely be at the Dark Side race in April though and cant wait to see what your come up with for that one!

    • Thank you, Douglas! We’re excited to get outfits started for the April event. See you there!

  • Why haven’t official merch pictures been posted yet? WDW marathon weekend ones were 4 days before the weekend began and its the day before and we still have nothing 🙁

  • Any updates about the process to get the NB shoes?

  • Thank you Aubrey!! 🙂

  • Any news on the rest of the Speaker Series?

    • Hi, Lisa! We posted the Speaker Series schedule on @runDisney Twitter!

  • When do we get to see the offical race merch preview? The race is only a couple days away, really want a sneek peak 🙂

    • Hi, April! We’ll have a look very soon! 🙂

  • So excited for my first half marathon and to see all the awesome outfits people will be wearing!! I’ve got my Star Wars gear all ready to run in Sunday morning and I will be hashtagging all my pics like crazy!!

    • Gina , we can’t wait to follow along! Good luck on your first half marathon. We are so excited you will be joining us!

  • John, these aren’t the official race items. This is the “Disney-bounding” “inspired-by” outfits they came up with.

    Too cute. One of these days I’ll get back into running again and return to the Disney marathon series… they really are the best races!

    • Thanks, Shannon! We would love to see you again!

  • It’s really disappointing not to see any Star Wars logo’s on any of this. This is just normal champion gear with some colors. You had the time and the opportunity to make some really awesome Logo Star Wars running gear, but didn’t.

    • Hi, John! Keep a eye out on the blog, we will have a post with the official merchandise preview coming soon!

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