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Disney Parks After Dark: Fun Without the Sun at Disneyland Resort

It’s true – it does occasionally rain at the Disneyland Resort. As a photographer there’s a silver lining around every cloud, and I welcome a rainy day every now and then because of all the new photo opportunities it presents. It’s easy to make the best of a rainy day with your camera if you just look around. There’s an abundance of flowers here that are waiting to be photographed with raindrops on the petals, and you can look for unusual or interesting reflections in puddles or on wet surfaces. If you look closely, you may even find umbrellas with Mickey Mouse ears.

There are a lot of photo opportunities during the day when it has been raining. But personally, my favorite by far is heading over to Cars Land after dark. With so many different colored neon lights, the photo opportunities are everywhere. I’ve collected my favorite photos from our archive to share with you.

Disney Parks After Dark: Fun Without the Sun at Disneyland Resort


What are your favorite things to photograph in the rain after dark at the Disneyland Resort?


  • I can’t wait to try this on my first trip to Disneyland this summer!

  • Great Pictures. Being from WA we love Disney in the rain. Ha!

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