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#DisneyParksLIVE: ‘Rivers of Light’ Live Chat Set for 1:15 p.m. EST

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

UPDATE: The live chat has concluded. Click below to replay the video.

We’re happy to welcome Entertainment’s Michael Jung and Mark Renfrow to today’s #DisneyParksLIVE Chat on “Rivers of Light.” The chat will begin at 1:15 p.m. EST.

To give some background, “Rivers of Light” will be Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s first-ever night-time show and will be an experience unlike anything ever seen in a Disney Park. The show will combine live performances and floating lanterns with water screens, swirling animal imagery and more. Michael and Mark are part of the Entertainment team that has worked on the project for more than two years and will be happy to answer your questions on what it’s like to build a show for a Disney Park, “Rivers of Light” theming, music, animal-inspired elements and much more.

To submit a question, please do so in the comments section below. We’ll get to as many questions as possible.


  • Q: Was there anything from World of Color that you drew inspiration from in terms of the fountains or projection? From the sneak peek video released last week, it seems like Rivers of Light doesn’t use the typical mist screen, but instead uses fountains and projects on their mist. Is that a correct observation?

  • Looking forward to the chat!

  • Hello! Any idea on summer hours yet? (Particularly August). How many shows per night, and what will be the performance times? Any news on when Tiffins will open?
    Thank you!

  • When will FP+ be available? What are the dining package options and when will they be available for reservations?

    • We hope to have updates on both of these topics soon.

  • How many shows will they have each night and at what times

    • Timing is still being determined. Please check the MyDisneyExperience app for the date you wish to visit.

  • How do I join the chat?

  • Will AP holders get a sneak preview?

  • How many shows will they have each night and at what time

  • What is the audience capacity for the show and is it seated or standing room?

    • Capacity of the new amphitheater is 5,000 guests.

  • What parts of the show are your favorites?

  • Will there eventually be FastPass+ viewing areas for Rivers of Light like there is for Wishes at the Magic Kingdom?

  • Where is the wheelchair seating?
    Does it have to be reserved in advance? Can’t wait to see this show!

  • I’ll be working, will this be recorded and re watchable later?

    • It is available for replay now.

  • Will Fastpasses be available for this and when will they become available to book?

    • Yes, FastPass+ will be available. Timing on that becoming available hasn’t been determined yet.

  • Will there be dining packages in conjunction with Tiffins?

  • Are we going to see any Disney animals, such as known characters from the Lion King, included in the show?

  • Will Fastpasses be available for early May travel dates? If so, when will these start rolling out and be selectable within the Fastpass+ system?

  • Will there be a “Disney Parks Blog Meet Up” for this new night time entertainment?

  • The soundtrack is such an important part to any Disney Entertainment Spectacular Show, how long did it take to perfect the soundtrack you had envisioned for this show and what were the influences? – Oli in Portsmouth, UK.

  • Will FastPasses be available? And what time will the park now close?

  • What time will Rivers of Light usually occur, and when will the Animal Kingdom’s hours be changed online?

    • The hours are still being finalized. Please check the MyDisneyExperience app for the latest timing on park hours and showtimes for the date you hope to visit.

  • Hi! Can you tell us what kind of dining packages might be available for the River of Light show, and when we can start booking those?

  • How long has the show be in development? What are some other concepts that didn’t come to be?

  • What was the hardest part of creating this show? And what show would you compare it to? I’ve heard it’s in a category of its own, but most similar to Fantasmic.

  • Will the show be visible if staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge?

  • Will this be a sit-down experience? If so, what is the capacity compared to, say, Fantasmic?

  • Can you give any details on dinner/rivers of light packages?

    • We will have an update on dining packages soon. Please keep checking back.

  • I read here on the Disney Parks Blog that there will be four animal Spirit Guides; an Asian Tiger, a Tropical Turtle, an African Elephant, and a Great Horned Owl. How and why were these four particular animals chosen? Thanks!

  • What is the approximate maximum capacity of the view area?

    • There will be seating for 5,000 guests.

  • Hi! What are the scheduled times for Rivers of Light? And will there be a FastPass+ option? We can’t wait to see it in May!

  • What information can you give about Tiffins and Rivers of Light dining packages?

  • When will dining packages become available? Will Tiffins be an option?

    • We hope to have info on dining packages very soon. Please stay tuned.

  • How do you ensure that the noise and lights won’t effect the animals nearby?

  • How long will the show last? Will there be 2 showings on more popular nights similar to Fantastmic?

  • Will there be fast passes available and when will those be released to book? Is this attraction something you need to see from the special seating area or are there other areas around the park to see the show from?

    • Yes, FastPass+ will be available. We hope to have info on when this will become available in the MyDisneyExperience app soon.

  • Will there be a ‘soft’ opening prior to April 22? If so when would that start and will fastpast or priority seating be available thought dining reservations?

  • When will dining packages be released for the show?

    • We hope to have details to share soon. Please keep checking back.

  • Seems like Rivers of Light will use a lot of the same technology as Fantasmic and World of Color, what NEW effects could we expect for this show?

  • When will the My Disney Experience be updated with the new night schedule? I am 50 days out and am anxious to book ADR and FPP.

  • What origin story did you use as a foundation for Rivers of Light?

  • How many times a night will ROL be shown? What times roughly will AK now be open until?

    • Please check the MyDisneyExperience App for the most updated park hours based on the date you hope to visit.

  • Do you have to have one of the Tusker House dining packages to see the show?

    • You do not have to have dining reservations or a dinner package to view the show, though dining packages will be available.

  • How long from concept to execution, did this take to create?

  • What is the run time for Rivers of Light?

  • how do we join the chat?

  • I heard a rumor that Bollywood style dancers would be in the show. Can you comment about whether that will be included, and if so, how?

  • Can you to describe a new technology that will be implemented in this show that everyone involved is excited about?

  • Will this show be available to watch everyday of the week?

    • Yes, this will be a new nighttime show offered each day of the week.

  • anyone here?

  • Sounds so unique to anything Disney has done before! What will be the capacity for seating?

    • The amphitheater will hold 5,000 guests.

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