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New LEGO Minifigures Featuring Iconic Disney Characters Debut in May

Darcy Clark

by , Disney Springs Marketing Manager

Like most of us, I grew up with a love of LEGO play. Until my now 5-year old niece came along, I had nearly forgotten how much fun it was to create a brand new world using nothing but your imagination and those perfectly crafted plastic bricks. (It all came back to me during her first visit to Downtown Disney about three years ago – The LEGO Store was among her favorite spots!)

I was thrilled when I found out that LEGO would be debuting their first-ever Disney character collection of Minifigures in May. Eighteen new Minifigures will soon be available for purchase at a variety of retailers including World of Disney and The LEGO Store here at Disney Springs with a suggested retail price of $3.99 each.

I can’t decide which one I want to play with first, though Stitch, Minnie Mouse and Captain Hook are all in the running! Which of the new Minifigures tops your “must-have” list?


  • Will these be available on the Disney Store website?

  • By a “variety” of retailers, do you also mean the online shop?

  • I love it; I have used a Chewbacca lego keychain for years, hopefully these make it to keychain status as well. I can already picture my wife taking pictures of her STITCH lego figure all around the Animal Kingdom at night if they ever release the schedules. Are they on sale in the parks as well?

  • Will these also be available at the WoD and LEGO Store in DTD in California? Please say yes!!! ???

  • This is just too awesome! Any word if they will be in surprise packs or buy who you like.

  • Great, more little things for us to buy.

    But in all honesty, these are really cool! 🙂

  • Will these be blind-bagged or can you purchase the figures you want?

  • Will these be sold in mystery packs or as individual, predictable figures?

  • Typo in the second paragraph: Minifugures

  • Will there be any way to purchase these outside of the parks?!

  • Will these be sold in “blind bags” or will they be individually wrapped?

  • Malificent is my favorite.

  • I have been recently searching the internet for these! Sooooo cool

  • Will they also be available for purchase at the Disney Parks stores, Mouse Gears for example?

  • Three questions.
    Are there other ANIMALs?
    Will they be available for purchase in the Magic KINGDOM?
    Will the be SCHEDULEd release dates like tsums tsums, or all at once?

  • These will be retail available and also through the Lego Store. They are randomly packaged in blind bags as per the previous Lego Mininifigure Series (Lego Movie and the Simpsons were also done this way). Each individual bag should cost around $3-$4 dollars.

  • Maleficent is # 1

  • This wave of Lego minifigures will work like the predeeding waves. They will be individually sold in blind-bags. You cannot see which figure is inside each bag, and different figures will be in different ratios per box. However, it is fairly easy to feel for distinctive parts in the bags and accurately pick out the figures you want. If you can’t figure this out, go to any Lego Store in the country and there will probably be a group of customers feeling the bags willing to help you. Minifigures are sold most places Lego are sold: official Lego Stores, Toys R Us, Target, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, etc. Not all stores will get them in on release date (May 1). Good luck!

  • What? No Mad Hatter! But you have Alice. Oh my. This is getting curiouser and curiouser.

  • Where is the PLUTO one?

  • I really hope they will come in keychain form too! Peter pan, Stitch, and Genie are absolutely adorable!

  • If these are going to be in “blind bags” like other Lego Minifigs, you might want to note that so that people reading this are aware of it.

    Basically, many Lego minifig series are sold the same way Vinylmation are, just in a small bag instead of a box. The bag has the series on it, such as The Simpsons minis last year – but you cannot see inside to see which one you are going to get.

  • Love Love Love Stitch

  • Mine would be Ariel.

  • Are these going to be available in the UK? we are at Disney world until the 26th april so will be gutted to miss them.

  • For those wondering where to purchase, these LEGO minifig series are also sold at Target and the Fuzziwig’s candy store chain also carries them. Fuzziwig’s are usually a little more expensive, but they ticket the bags with a number and have an image key, so you know exactly what figure you are buying.

  • Will these be available for purchase inside each of the Disney Parks?

  • I LOVE IT!!!!!

  • I want all of them!

  • If it’s wrong to want to get Syndrome first, then I don’t wanna be right…

  • I’ve got to have them!

  • My son and I found these at our local Wal-Mart today! We got Peter Pan and Ariel!

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