Look Back with YesterEars Collection Apparel on Disney Parks Online Store from September 15-22

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Three new shirts from the YesterEars vintage collection will be offered on the Disney Parks online store in September. Last month, you may recall we introduced this new collection, which contains limited release apparel inspired by classic Walt Disney World Resort attractions and locations. Here are details about the three shirts you’ll find from September 15-22, 2016 at DisneyStore.com/ParkEvents.

Look Back with YesterEars Collection Apparel on Disney Parks Online Store from September 15-22

The first shirt was inspired by the Walt Disney World Village, which is known today as Disney Springs. Originally called Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village, the area opened in March 1975 and was made up of buildings now found in Disney Springs Marketplace. The name was changed in 1977 to Walt Disney World Village.

Disney Design Group artist Richard Terpstra created the artwork for this Hanes Nano-T. I recall spending family vacations shopping at places such as Pottery Chalet Gourmet Pantry or Toys Fantastique.

Look Back with YesterEars Collection Apparel on Disney Parks Online Store from September 15-22

Disney Design Group artist Cortney Williams created the second shirt inspired by a sign found outside of the former Neverland Club at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. Today, this children’s activity center at the resort is called Lilo’s Playhouse. I asked Cortney why she chose to design this Hanes Nano-T.

“My family stayed at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort in 1984,” explained Cortney. “I begged my parents to take me to see [The Neverland Club] mostly because I wanted to go through the nursery window just like the Darling children did in Walt Disney’s ‘Peter Pan.’ I also remember seeing the location sign every time we passed by the resort while riding the Walt Disney World Monorail.”

Look Back with YesterEars Collection Apparel on Disney Parks Online Store from September 15-22

Cortney also designed the final shirt for this month’s YesterEars collection. Inspired by a trail sign, this Hanes Nano-T celebrates the former Camp Minnie-Mickey area at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I found a few photos from my first visit to the location in March 1998.

Stay tuned in October for additional items from the YesterEars Collection. I’d love to hear your memories in the comments below.


  • Did anyone ever receive their shirts from either of the batches offered? I ordered this Neverland Club shirt a month ago and have heard absolutely zip about it. I contacted Disney Store, who only said I needed to check the product page for shipping information. Well, these were offered for a limited time, so the product page is long gone, not that it probably would have told me anything useful. Has anyone received these? Steven Miller, if you see this could you possibly respond as to why these are so delayed? Obviously everyone who ordered was excited for this collection, why is it taking so long to ship?

  • Me too…I am wondering when the first shirts will ship…I had to order two of these new ones :), but I can’t imagine I’ll see these till after Thanksgiving. The shirts look amazing, but waiting is bad! It’s practically October! 🙁

  • Add me to the list of those wondering when (or if) my order from the first batch of shirts will ship. 3 to 5 weeks was given – it’s now been six with no update at all.

  • Along with Brooke and Scott’s comments below, I also would like an update on the shirts from the first batch. Ordered on August 18th and customer service has no idea when the Dreamfinder shirt I ordered will ship. I am getting pretty frustrated as I ordered for my husband’s birthday and now have no idea if I’ll have in time.

  • Can you please let us now what is going on with with the shipping of orders from the previous release? These shirts are so neat and we just HAD to get the Figment one for my husband to wear to our upcoming trip to WDW! With the 3-5 week notice we thought we have just enough time to receive and pack it. Unfortunately, there has been no word on the shipping and our trip is quickly approaching. 🙁 The Disney Store Customer Service people are GREAT, but they really don’t know what is going on either because these shirts come from a 3rd party vendor. Can you help? Some updates would be VERY appreciated!

  • any word when the limited edition shirts from last month will be shipped? originally, they said 3-5 weeks, and that timeframe has just about expired. we have not received any further updates. if you could find out the status, we’d appreciate it. thanks!

  • PLEASE put out tank tops for women with these releases…

  • I get excited when I hear about vintage apparel at Disney Parks, then all it is is Disney World. Disappointing. Give the same respect for Disneyland. Not everyone’s been to WDW.

  • Aww yay, Disney Village! We always went with my grandparents at Christmas :). We still sometimes call it Lake Buena Vista!

  • Please stop forgetting the beloved ORIGINAL Disney Park—–DISNEYLAND! There are so many former attractions, and memorable things to pull from, and yes women would really love to have a feminine cut shirt. Enough of forcing us to dress in the standard t-shirts.
    Please Disney, show DISNEYLAND some LOVE!!

  • Robert Czura – There was a 40th Anniversary COP shirt released last January.

  • I agree with several of the comments here regarding making some for the which are inspired by the Disneyland park. I really wish you would consider it since Disneyland is for one the original park and two, has seen so many changes. Disneyland has also seen the lost of many atttactions like the Stagecoach ride, the Astro Jets, and flying saucers, I for one think a 50’s inspired shirt would look very vintage. =)

  • I’m with Mike! Why does Disney World get all the love when Disneyland is the original park!

  • Seconding Linda regarding female fit shirts. Not all women want only characters and cutesy phrases. I am continually jealous of the options my husband gets with 28 & Main.

  • Why are these shirts only for long lost attractions and resorts at Disney World? Why not make some for attractions long gone from Disneyland?

  • Please do female fit shirts!
    I am sure that there would be a market for them 🙂

  • This product line is a great idea. Can we please get a River Country shirt?

  • I love how Disney reminds you of magic long that might have otherwise been forgotten! <3.

  • Does anyone know where to get a Carousel of Progress T-Shirt or if they even exist?

  • Love the Disney Village one! I miss the original Chef Mickey’s. And the big slide.

  • Always remember walking twords pleasure island and seeing the giant Jessica rabbit sign that would be so cool to have on a shirt

  • I remember finding the super-hard-to-find beloved B.O.B. Black Hole action figure at Toys Fantastique. Plus these awesome Superman and Spider-man plush that I carried around for years.

  • Please make a River Country Shirt!

  • I’m liking the Camp Minnie-Mickey shirt! I’ve got fond memories of that happy trail!


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