Members Enjoy Enhanced Dining Discount Through Sept. 30

Ryan March

by , Editor, Disney Vacation Club’s Disney Files Magazine

For a limited time, some of the most popular table-service restaurants at Walt Disney World Resort hotels are adding an extra 20 percent* to their Disney Vacation Club Member discount.

This special 30 percent discount is available through Sept. 30, 2017, at the following restaurants during the dinner meal period before 6:30 p.m. or after 8:30 p.m.:

*Discount will be applied in addition to regular member discount when dining during the hours mentioned above. Must present your valid Membership Card and photo ID. Not valid with other offers, discounts, packages or promotions. Existing 10% discount continues to be available between 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. or other meal periods where available. Some exclusions and restrictions apply, and discounts cannot be combined. The Discount is valid on regular price food and non-alcoholic beverages (excluding applicable tax and gratuity) at participating Walt Disney World owned and operated locations. Special events excluded.

You should not purchase or add on a real estate interest in a Disney Vacation Club Resort in reliance upon the continued availability or renewal or extension of these offers. These offers may only be available to Members at various times and may or may not be renewed or extended. Membership Extras, such as vacation options in the Disney and Concierge Collections, certain discounts, offers, and special events are incidental benefits. These incidental benefits are subject to change or termination without notice, may require the payment of a fee and cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions. To receive any Membership Extras, purchasers must present a valid Disney Vacation Club Membership Card along with a corresponding valid photo ID. Disney and Concierge Collections options are not available for ownership interests not purchased directly from Disney Vacation Development, Inc. after March 21, 2011, and, effective April 4, 2016, Members who do not purchase an ownership interest directly from Disney Vacation Development Inc. will not have access to Membership Extras.


  • Does anyone at Disney respond to questions? What specifically does “during the dinner meal period before 6:30 p.m. or after 8:30 p.m.” mean? Reservation starts before/after then? Bill delivered before/after then? Cleared out of the table before/after then? Please advise. Thanks.

  • I’m a fairly new member and while I’ll go to WDW at some point, I joined in California. It does seem we get a little neglected over here. We deserve the same perks as we pay the same. Step up the game for Cali DVC !

  • I agree with Christopher and a few others there never seems to be offers and discounts for California. Seems unfair to me and we pay just like the Disney World fans and member’s do.

  • Why does it seem like DVC members in California don’t get any of the perks? Bigger discounts on merch at WDW and now bigger dining restaurants? Please give us the same discounts at the Disneyland resort and another DVC resort at Disneyland would be awesome too. Thanks in advance!

  • For the “before 6:30pm” dining – do you have to be DONE eating by 6:30pm or does your reservation have to START before 6:30pm to qualify for the 30% discount? Can you please clarify? Thanks!

  • First the really nice discount on WDW APs for DVC members and now this with seemingly no love for DVC members at Disneyland, please start remembering that there are many DVC members on the West coast

  • Are the stores inside the parks at WDW and Disney Springs still offering a 20% discount on merchandise?

  • We’re in California and hardly see any DVC perks at the Disneyland Resort. Any plans to include DL and DCA anytime soon?

  • I have a reservation for 6.30 will I still get my 30 % discount

  • We are DVC members in California? Will there be any participating restaurants at the Disneyland Resort?

  • What about the DVC members in California? Are there any participating restaurants at the Disneyland Resort?

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