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It’s National Roller Coaster Day! Zoom Along the Incredicoaster at Disney California Adventure Park

Michael Ramirez

by , Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort

Launch into the super world of “The Incredibles” on the new Incredicoaster in Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure park. To commemorate National Roller Coaster Day, ride along with us on this epic adventure in the video below.

Exciting special effects and new music help bring this fantastic tale to life! The family of supers – Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack, along with Edna Mode – are attending the inaugural launch of the new Incredicoaster, which has been dedicated to them in gratitude for their heroic efforts and incredible deeds. However, things go awry when the unpredictable Jack-Jack vanishes from Edna’s not-so-watchful eye and creates chaos along the track while his Incredible family sprints into action to save the day.

Experience the Incredicoaster for yourself at Pixar Pier Disney California Adventure park!


  • @Dustin

    Thanks Dustin!

  • Marilla, the ride has some corkscrews and loops, which take you upside down– that, combined with the incredible speed of the ride (get it), is probably why you see the picture and the girl’s braid like that.

  • ha ha waaaay too intense for me, glad I got to enjoy it safely on a chair at home! lol

    The photo looks askew though as if they are perpendicular to the track is it just an illusion they way it was photographed or do the tracks really seat you perpendicular? The reason I ask is the braid on the girl in the front is against her and if it was perpendicular it would be hanging…am I missing something?

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