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Light Pixar Pal-A-Round in Green for Earth Day at Disneyland Resort

Kevin Rafferty, Jr.

by , Communications, WDI

Beginning today through Earth Day, April 22, vote for your favorite Environmentality Art Challenge project, creatively made by Disneyland Resort cast members by repurposing materials. If more than 5,000 votes are received by guests and cast members, the Disneyland Resort will light the more than 10,000 energy-efficient LED lights of the Pixar Pal-A-Round attraction in green on Earth Day.

Guests can vote via this blog post or in-person at Redwood Creek Challenge Trail in Disney California Adventure park, where the top 10 finalists are on display through Earth Day. The annual Environmentality Art Challenge showcases the passion Disneyland Resort cast members have for the environment.

Name: Muffin Junk
Area: Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor
Materials Used: Old cable company parts (e.g. filters and chips), CDs, glitter, foam, thumbtacks, puzzle pieces, screws, toothpicks, buttons and small metal plates

Name: WOD Squad
Area: World of Disney
Materials Used: Cardboard, paper, chopsticks, wooden dowels, gift cards, plastic hangers, tape roll core, bottles, plastic apple boxes, straws, receipt roll ends, soda cans, water cups, plastic bags, Styrofoam, aluminum foil, polyurethane wrap, utensils, foam and bubble wrap

Name: Pizza Planet Recycle Claw
Area: Disney Floral & Gifts/Amenity Design
Materials Used: IRC bin cording, IRC towels, green mylar balloons, blanket scraps, box foam, cardboard, a broken dowel, used pizza box, packing bubble wrap, used water bottles, clear furniture plastic, pen caps, ribbon scraps, used Starbucks cup, pipe cleaner and coat hanger

Name: Upcycled Wine Barrel Chair
Area: Distribution, Textile & Transportation Services
Materials Used: Oak wine barrel, deck screws and water seal

Name: Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse
Area: Steakhouse 55, Disneyland Hotel
Materials Used: Wine corks from Steakhouse 55, reclaimed wood, bamboo, twine and raffia

Name: WALL-E, Working All together to Look after and Love the Earth
Area: Company D
Materials Used: Cardboard, Styrofoam, biodegradable plant pot, plant, paper, plastic, hot glue, spray paint and acrylic paint

Name: Saving Nemo
Area: World of Disney
Materials Used: Trash collected from the beach, plastic bottles, plastics bags, paint, cardboard, paper, hot glue and sand

Name: Java the Cup
Area: Facility Asset Management
Materials Used: Scrap plywood, scrap wood, leftover screws, paint and 702 coffee containers

Name: Happiest Place on Hearth
Area: Disneyland Hotel Housekeeping
Materials Used: Wine bottle corks and recyclable paper

Name: Recycled G2-9T
Area: Scenic Fabrication & Art Services
Materials Used: Paint lids, plastic paint gun pieces, plastic deli lids, PVC piping, recycled wood and paint


  • They are all so creative and unique. Great job everyone

  • Great job to all the teams. I voted for the wine barrel chair. Everyone did a fabulous job of using what could be considered waste materials. However, the chair is the only one that has true functionality in addition to being artistic. BRAVO to the Distribution, Textile & Transportation Services Team. I’d like 4 of them please? 😉

  • What wonderful examples of how we can and should find ways to save the only home we have. Amazing pieces of art!

  • What time are they going to light up the wheel?

  • Everything is so impressive! I want to buy a couple of those chairs.

  • i am so impressed with the creativity and talent displayed here. i just voted, but will also be checking out the finalists in person. all of them are great!

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