A Great, Big, Beautiful Tomorrowland Entrance Coming Soon to Disneyland Park

Michael Ramirez

by , Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort

As part of Project Stardust, the Disneyland Resort—and specifically Disneyland park—has been undergoing a number of enhancements to continue to deliver a world-class guest experience. The enhancements have ranged from overall beautification of the theme park to maxi­mizing guest flow. The latest of these efforts include a new entrance for Tomorrowland.

If you’re in the parks this holiday season, you’ll notice work is currently underway. A new look will be completed in 2020, but we wanted to share a first look with you today!

When planning, Imagineers wanted to open up the space and improve access into the land. However, it was important to maintain its overall complexion—with trees and beautiful planters. As shown in this rendering, guests will soon be entering Tomorrowland on a widened pathway lined with elliptical planters that are filled with swirls of colorful flowers.

You may recognize that this new threshold into the future pays homage to Tomorrowland entrances of yesterday. Disney Imagineer Kim Irvine noted, “Tomorrowland has always represented a feeling of optimism. [Imagineer] John Hench originally designed the land with this notion of being wide open to innovative ideas and technology. When we started looking at the different Tomorrowland entrances through the years, both the 1955 and 1967 versions had a very optimistic appeal which resonated with us.”

When “new” Tomorrowland debuted in 1967, Walt Disney and his Imagineers envisioned this land as a “world on the move,” featuring a variety of futuristic vehicles zooming around and the Googie architecture that had become representative of the Space Age. Today’s Imagineers are creating Space Age-inspired spires, which will flank the entrance.

We look forward to revealing the new entrance soon, welcoming future generations to tomorrow.


  • It would be great and is necessary to replace Tomorrowland with a new updated version very soon, not just retro and fresh paint.
    This is the original Disneyland right?
    Wdw gets Tron?
    What happens at Disneyland after Tomorrowland is so in need?

  • I wish they would let the Imagineers do their magic.

  • When in 2020 do you anticipate this being completed?

  • Hope it turns out ok. In Disneyworld they took out that awesome Tomorrowland arch and replaced it with a plain white boring arch, supposedly retro but just looks sad.

  • I completely agree with Johnathon: I loved the PeopleMover! We could relax, take in the park and center ourselves for the rest of the day. I loved that it passed through other rides–it connected everything. Literally.

    I like the concept art of the entrance with all the vegetation. I’m assuming the limiting of the concrete areas is a form of crowd control.

  • The Disney Imagineer in me keeps waiting to hear that you’re going to redo/re-open the PeopleMover in Tomorrowland, maybe with a more modern look and feel. The beauty of that ride was simply that you could get away from the crowds for a short time and basically sit down casually for a few minutes, while slowly drifting around the top of Tomorrowland.

  • Yes, let’s replace it all with cement. Let’s enter Tomorrowland on a wide clear pathway made of cement.

  • Aesthetically pleasing? Sure. Practical? No, not really. You’ve replaced one foot traffic issue for one with a nicer view. I think cementing it over completely would have helped ease the congestion in that area.

  • I like that the French Fry rocks are gone and the wider walkways, but the new entrance idea seems lacking. To me it communicates the past instead of the future. I understand they wanted to pay homage to the past, but as you mention in the blog, that past was set up for innovation.

  • Thanks goodness! Now, lets move the rockets back where they belong 😉

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