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Celebrate Star Wars Reads Month with an eBook of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: A Crash of Fate, Free for a Limited Time

Allison Citino

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This October, join us for Star Wars Reads, a month-long celebration of reading and Star Wars, with a free eBook download of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: A Crash of Fate. For a limited time, from October 5th to October 9th, US residents can claim their free eBook download from Disney Books here and explore the planet of Batuu through the pages of this thrilling Young Adult novel. 

Izzy and Jules were childhood friends, climbing the spires of their home planet Batuu, inventing silly games, and daydreaming of adventures they would share one day. Then, Izzy’s family left abruptly, without giving the two a chance to say goodbye. Thirteen years after she left, Izzy is hired to deliver a mysterious parcel, bringing her back to Batuu for the first time since she left. The two friends reunite and find themselves on a thrilling adventure that will change their futures forever. 

'Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: A Crash of Fate' book cover

Celebrating its ninth year, Star Wars Reads blasts off through October, with special events and offers all month long. For everyone from the youngest Padawans to the wisest Jedi Masters, there are plenty of new and fun ways to explore a galaxy far, far away through the pages of a book. 

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  • Got hit for a 99¢ charge for a “free” book from the Apple store.

  • Not free on Apple Books. Still showing $10.99.

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