First Look of Snow White’s Enchanted Wish at Disneyland Park

Michael Ramirez

by , Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort

As we’ve previously announced, Snow White’s Scary Adventures has been undergoing a magical reimagination. Today – on the 83rd anniversary of the premiere of Disney Animation’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” at the Carthay Circle Theatre in Los Angeles – we’re excited to share that Disneyland park’s only ride-through princess attraction has been reimagined and renamed as Snow White’s Enchanted Wish!

While Disneyland park has been closed, Walt Disney Imagineering has been putting the finishing touches on this cherished attraction, which will be ready to welcome guests when we reopen our theme parks at a later date. While you may recognize some familiar elements in the attraction, you’ll be surprised to discover enhanced story details and all-new scenes. Take a look at the sneak peek below!

Imagineers have updated this classic Fantasyland attraction with new magic inside and out. Using state-of-the-art audio and visual technology, including new music, LED black lighting, laser projections and a new animation system, the attraction brings to life Snow White’s “happily ever after.” 

Snow White and Dopey - Snow White’s Enchanted Wish at Disneyland Park

You will delight in new appearances of beloved characters, including Snow White cheerfully dancing and twirling with the Seven Dwarfs in their cozy cottage. You may even notice the scent of Doc’s handiwork – a baking apple pie ­– wafting through the air, before heading “off to work we go!”

Snow White’s Enchanted Wish at Disneyland Park

Vibrant new shadow projections bring to life the dwarfs as they march happily off to work in the mine singing “Heigh-Ho.” The most dazzling scene is the mine, which sparkles with shimmering lighting effects and glittering jewels all around.

There are more surprises to discover and we cannot wait for you to experience the magic of this timeless fairytale, and Snow White’s enchanted wish coming true at last!


  • Will there be any new dwarfs merch pertaining to the ride update?

  • I’m going to say thank you, thank you, thank you for keeping these dark rides updated and intact. I grew up going to Disneyland once a year and still rode Pinocchio, Peter pan and Snow White as a teenager for pure nostalgia…also a cute experience on a date. Disney assumes we all want the fast thrill ride experience which isn’t always the case. The most absolutely cherished memories I will hold the dearest to my heart were riding all of the fantasyland rides with my own children as toddlers, and watching their faces as they rode over and over again with their grandparents. This might be a long time coming, but someday I hope to ride with my own grandkids. Thank you for keeping the rides that little kids can still ride with their parents, where magic feels real and they can experience with the wonder of a kid. Those moments are so much more special and real than a quick thrill kids have to wait until tween or teen years to ride. This was also the experience I know Walt Disney wanted when he created the park.

  • It’s truly inspired. The name would have been my choice after careful thought.
    More gems in the mine?
    Richer colors of the lights in the gems—-too washed out.
    What happens to the old props?

  • Hope to get back into Disneyland soon. The year without a Disneyland is almost over. For us in California, at least. It has almost been a year without a Disney Park!! Anyways, EXCITED FOR THE RIDE!! IT LOOKS AMAZING!! Since I am posting on Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all, and to all an OPEN SIGHT!!!

  • Thank you for giving this ride some updates and attention.

  • I liked the fact it was scary. Now it looks boring.

  • Love it. I’m so happy Disneyland is using this time to renovate things. I miss Disneyland so much…

  • They kept the window, I hope the queen still peeks out

  • I hope the apple out front made the cut, I love telling people who don’t know it does something
    to grab it and watching their reactions. Part of sharing my happy when I am there.

  • I can’t wait to see Snow Whites New adventure it seems that the Imagineer’s have created something completely new and exciting I can’t wait !!!

  • Is the Queen still part of the ride? Did they keep her in the window above the entrance and did they keep her lair????

  • I’m so excited for this change and can’t wait to ride it!

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