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The World Is Coming Together As Work Continues on ‘Harmonious’ at EPCOT

Zach Riddley

by , Creative Portfolio Executive - New Experience Development, Walt Disney Imagineering

EPCOT has always been a special place where the world comes together to celebrate human achievement. Nothing has embodied this spirit more over the years than the park’s lineup of original nighttime spectaculars.

Although we have not yet determined when our next spectacular will debut, our Walt Disney Imagineering and Disney Live Entertainment teams are hard at work building on that legacy with “Harmonious.” Early in our plans for the transformation of EPCOT, we recognized the power and potential this new show has to tell a story of global connection and celebration. This grand, original spectacular is a tribute to the power of story and song that unite us, leveraging music and visuals from across Disney and artists around the world.

‘Harmonious’ at EPCOT

“Harmonious” is a global effort, truly embracing the magic of possibility. In recent weeks, Disney Live Entertainment technical designers across the country have been programming various elements of the show, from media and fountains to lighting and pyrotechnics, working in a completely virtual environment. Our music producers at Walt Disney Imagineering have been remotely directing recording sessions with an incredibly diverse array of musical artists, performing in studios around the world.

Once complete, “Harmonious” will be one of the largest nighttime spectaculars we’ve ever produced. We’re busy setting the stage of this innovative toolkit, preparing each of the show’s five floating platforms to take its place on World Showcase Lagoon. Positioned like a compass, these platforms house the primary show equipment for “Harmonious,” and on the recently-placed center platform stands an iconic six-story-tall central ring structure, supporting a high-density water curtain, moving lights, fountains and more.

While the show is still in the early stages of development with more finishing details to come, I’m excited to share some recent progress.

We look forward to sharing more with you in the coming months. Watch for updates here on Disney Parks Blog, and of course, you can follow me on Instagram @thezachriddley.


  • been waiting for this night time spectacular for so long ,we will be out in november its going to be soooo good xx

  • I can’t wait to see it!!! Ill be there in June 2021 and chance it’ll be ready by then?? 🤞🏻❤️

  • is Col. Jack O’neil going to step out of that Stargate?

  • World Showcase is one of my favorite areas of Walt Disney World, and the views across the lagoon are a big part of that. This just seems so out of place and such a monstrosity, I don’t know what Disney was thinking. A 30 minute show, no matter how good it is, should ruin the sight-lines and atmosphere of World Showcase Lagoon and the amazing views for the entire day.

  • Is no one else concerned that Thanos’ Q Ship is invading EPCOT?

  • No,that’s a Stargate. Doesn’t belong in EPCOT.

  • Not a good look. I try to maintain an open mind for all park changes, but this is a massive eyesore and detriment to the beautiful views across the World Showcase Lagoon. I wish Disney had put more thought and care into this.

  • I hope it gets centered. Being off center is not ‘good show.’

  • So excited to see the new show!!

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