Hakuna Matata! runDisney Virtual Series to Honor the Timeless Majesty of ‘The Lion King’ This Summer

Sarah Harris

by , Disney Sports Social Community Manager

It’s the ‘mane’ virtual event you’ve been waiting for! This summer, join us in celebrating six years of the runDisney Virtual Series as we honor the timeless majesty of “The Lion King” with three wild and wonderful 5Ks. From The Pride Lands to your very own neighborhood, be prepared to rule the road (or sidewalk, or treadmill). 

It’s hard to believe that it was 1994 when we first met Simba, the cuddly cub who would become king in the animated classic. Since then, he’s taken Broadway by storm and has been reimagined for a whole new generation. So whether you grew up with him back then, or you’re watching your little ones grow up with him now, this unforgettable story of discovering your purpose and celebrating who you are will forever be a cherished part of our lives … and we hope this runDisney virtual event can be as well!

Take a look at each storytelling version of The Lion King we are celebrating for the runDisney Virtual 5Ks and the runDisney Virtual Challenge:

runDisney Virtual 5K finisher medal

runDisney Virtual 5K | The Timeless Classic

runDisney Virtual 5K finisher medal | The Broadway Phenomenon

runDisney Virtual 5K | The Broadway Phenomenon

runDisney Virtual 5K finisher medal | The Reimagined Classic

runDisney Virtual 5K | The Reimagined Classic

runDisney Virtual Series Challenge finished medal

runDisney Virtual Series Challenge

Running a runDisney virtual event truly means having no worries! Not only do you get to decide when you run, you also get to decide where you run. Plus, when you register, you can add even more ferocious fun to your miles by downloading a themed bib and at-home kit that includes a start line, finish line and mile markers.

Get ready to have a roaring good time with three different 5Ks, each featuring its own medal inspired by the three unique storytelling versions of “The Lion King.” Be the talk of The Pride Lands and test your endurance by registering for the runDisney Virtual Challenge that includes all three 5Ks and you will receive four marvelous medals total.

Mother and daughter running

Be prepared for a chance of a lifetime as registration opens Thursday, April 8 at 10am ET for all runDisney Virtual Series events on runDisney.com. If you’re a lover of The Lion King or just want a wild way to train this summer, the runDisney Virtual Series is the perfect opportunity to push yourself to great heights! 

Which theme are you most excited about? Share with us in social using #runDisneyVirtual!

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  • Would be nice to not have to hunt so hard to find a way to log my runs. I’ve been looking at everything for over thirty mins. Even the site for the run and can’t find a way to log them in.

  • This is my first Run Disney and first Virtual Run event! Had to get the Lion King because it is my favorite. I was hoping to add some wearable merch for this run, but I don’t see anything besides the medals which I assume you don’t get till AFTER the run. Anyone know if and where I can get Run Disney Lion King merch?

  • I hope Disney will consider expanding virtual runs to outside of the US. Canadian Disney fans would love to participate too! It looks like such fun!

  • Love the theme of this year’s event! Can’t wait to register 🙂

  • Cannot wait to run another Virtual runDisney!😊These medals are beautiful!

  • This is so fun!! I LOVE ‘The Lion King’ and will definitely be participating 🙂

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