Join National Geographic Kids for the First-Ever DinoMAYnia Celebration featuring Favorite Prehistoric Creatures

Allison Citino

by , Director, Communications, Games, Publishing and Merchandise

Did you know that today is International Dinosaur Day? To celebrate, check out National Geographic Kids’ DinoMAYnia web hub to devour the exciting world of dinos through fascinating prehistoric profiles, downloadable posters, and the “Letter Predator” game. You can even take a personality quiz to find out whether you are a clever carnivore or a happy herbivore. Don’t forget to enter the DESIGN-A-DINO contest by drawing your own creature; the Grand Prize winner will receive a library of National Geographic Kids books including the Ultimate Dinopedia and Weird But True! Dinosaurs, among others! Check out the full selection of awesome dinosaur books here:

Collage of books about dinosaurs from National Geographic

For further hands-on discovery, check out National Geographic’s Dinosaur Play Sand Kit and Mega Fossil Dig Kit, perfect for creating a Mesozoic wonderland and learning dino facts while inspiring a love of science and paleontology.

Along for this journey as the first spokesperson for DinoMAYnia is renowned paleontologist and National Geographic Explorer Nizar Ibrahim, whose groundbreaking discoveries about Spinosaurus have forever changed the way we think about dinosaurs, and inspired kids (and adults!) to imagine prehistoric eras when these fascinating creatures roamed the Earth.

Parents can visit the Reimagining Dinosaurs content hub for more fascinating stories about dinosaurs, including some of the latest dinosaur discoveries that are changing the way we understand dinosaurs– from the way they looked to the way they lived.

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