Through the Lens of Nat Geo: Photo Tips With Hilary

Charles Stovall

by , Public Relations Manager

One of the great things about my job is that I get to work with so many gifted, talented and well-respected people.

As Disney Parks Blog readers know, our team at Disney Parks, Experience and Products also includes the extraordinary editorial team at National Geographic. I’ve worked with them for some time and have seen first-hand their passion and their devotion to sharing conservation and environmental issues with the next generation. They make caring about the environment cool.

Case in point: Photo Tips with Hilary.

Photo Tips with Hilary is a video series hosted by Nat Geo Kids photo editor Hilary Andrews that “focuses” on helping kids with their photography. (Pun intended!)

Hilary’s videos offer fun, practical information about lighting, shutter speed, camera angles, and other professional techniques in an engaging way that encourages amateur shutterbugs to further their exploration. She enlightens serious photo buffs with professional notes, and might even inspire less experienced kid photographers to immerse themselves in the photographic arts. Bonus: Snapping photos of cute animals and beautiful landscapes can lead kids—experienced photographers or not—to care more deeply about the world around them.

In addition to practical tips, Hilary also dispenses her knowledge about themed subjects, including creating “spooky” photos, ideas for nature photography, and even how to capture “upside-down” photos.

An Emmy-nominated filmmaker as well as photographer, Hilary’s photography is on permanent display at the San Diego Natural History Museum and has appeared in several National Geographic Kids books. Her love of wildlife and environmental issues has always informed her work—and given her plenty of adventure, from training dolphins and sea lions for the US Navy’s Marine Mammal Program, to preparing museum taxidermy specimens and catching bats in the Sierra Nevada. She’s the perfect person to impart her joy for photography to kids, and adults can learn a little something, too.

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