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Disney Adds Haunted Mansion, Pirate Voices To TikTok’s Text-To-Speech

Jason Recher

by , Vice President Content & Digital Integration

Have you heard? Voices known to make a Disney Parks fan’s ears tingle with delight have just been added to TikTok’s popular text-to-speech feature! That’s right, we’ve teamed up with our friends at TikTok to help you personalize your on-screen text with official character voices inspired by Disney’s Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean rides.

Beginning today, you can have your TikTok text read by:

  • Madame Leota – Disney’s Haunted Mansion
  • Ghost Host – Disney’s Haunted Mansion
  • Disney Pirate – Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean

And just wait until you hear these Disney voices for yourself on our popular @DisneyParks TikTok account. 

@disneyparks 🚨BREAKING!🚨 Disney Parks Text-To-Speech Voices have materialized for the Halloween season! 🔮👻🏴‍☠️ #DisneyParksVoices #Disney #DisneyParks #TextToSpeech #HauntedMansion #PiratesOfTheCaribbean #Halloween ♬ original sound – Disney Parks
@disneyparks Here lies the Disney Parks Voices. They’re celebrating Halloween with 3 frightfully fun choices 🪦🔮 #DisneyParksVoices #Disney #DisneyParks #HauntedMansion #MadameLeota #Tombstone #Halloween #TextToSpeech ♬ original sound – Disney Parks

You can now get Disney creative on TikTok with inspiration from your favorite Disney rides. It’s easy to add the voices of Madame Leota, Ghost Host or a Disney pirate to your on-screen text. Simply follow the steps below and be sure to use #DisneyParksVoices when sharing your creativity — you may even get a chance to be featured on the official @DisneyParks TikTok account!

4 Steps to Use Disney’s New TikTok Text-to-Speech Voices

  • Create a new post using the + button
  • Edit the video/image and hit “Next”
  • Tap “Text” and add your caption and then tap “Text-to-speech” button
  • Select the Disney voice you’d like to add

The new Disney text-to-speech voices will be available on TikTok for 3 months in the U.S., Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore.


  • I love the idea, but none of these voices sound anything like the Ghost Host, Madame Leota, or the pirate. You could do better.

  • Welcome to the blog Mr. Jason!

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